Kevin Levrone Confirms Competing in 2017 & Progress Since The Olympia

Kevin “The Maryland Muscle Machine” had put in a tremendous amount of effort during the big show 2016 Mr Olympia. The bodybuilding veteran may not have had his greatest showing, but this would merely be the first step in his comeback.

Recently Kevin Levrone confirms he will continue training and compete in 2017.

Holy crap!! Kevin’s arms don’t look real right now!

Like the real champion, he saw what improvements needed to be made to contend with the other top bodybuilders in the world. He went on to train his legs with a gusto of a true professional.


Kevin Levrone posts his first full body pic since the Olympia.

Mr.Olympia 3rd PRP Knee Treatment.

This Kevin posing a week after the 2016 Mr. Olympia at the Arnold Classic

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