Jay Cutler Still Huge Still Hungry And in Amazing Shape

Amazing Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Still in Amazing Shape

The cold hard truth about bodybuilding lifestyle is that its not for everyone. Simply lifting from time to time isn’t enough to bring massive change in your physique. Bodybuilding is always been about dedication & consistency. It requires you to follow a strict diet, hit the gym almost every day, and be diligent about every physical and dietary choice you make.

The 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is a true ambassador for the modern bodybuilding. In his heyday he was not only well muscled, but absolutely diced and shredded, always looking to bring a balanced physique and amazing conditioning to the stage every time he competed.  Jay now has been off of the competitive stage for quite some time and focusing on his businesses and life after the retirement. But that doesn’t mean he’s been slacking off. Jay surely has a smaller size compare to his competing days but he’s still in great shape and looks amazingly jacked.

Take a look at this recent Instagram post below that shows the bodybuilder in all his massive glory. In his post he also talk about the importance of consistency in bodybuilding:

“When people ask me for that one piece of advice on how to maintain a stage-like physique, they’re normally looking for some scientific response. However, bodybuilding is all about the driven mindset to constantly goal set and to do so without any rhyme or reason besides wanting to continually outdo that person in the mirror.

So if you ask me, “Jay what’s the best way to maintain, build or shred?” –

Consistency! Consistency!! Consistency!!!

Do all the little things every single day and I guarantee when you see the progression you’ll want to keep going.”

No matter what your goals are learn to have Consistency that is key to succeed. Jay Cutler may no longer compete but he still has the mindset of the true champion.

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