Fitness Icon And WFBB Pro Mandy Blank Found Dead At Age 42

A Fitness Legacy That Will Live On Forever

A sad day in the world of fitness… the iconic WFBB pro-Mandy Blank was pronounced dead on Monday, October 29, in her L.A. home.

She was found dead in her bathtub but the precise details of her death have yet to be confirmed. Foul play or drugs have not been suspected but an autopsy should hopefully give more information.

Mandy Blank was a great champion and because of her amazing physique and good looks, she graced the covers of multiple magazines. In fact, she found so much success during her career that she founded Mandy Blank Fitness while having the opportunity to train several A-list celebrities, such as Marcus Allen, Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodriguez, Pauly Shore, Natasha Lyonne, and Rohan Marley.

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Her biggest and most significant win was the 1999 IFBB World Championship at the age of 18 (Youngest to perform such a feat). She went on to compete in World Arnold Classic and the Miss Team Universe competition. From there on she became a superstar around the world.

She was not married and had no children.

No one would doubt her impact on the fitness industry but her death was a surprise to anyone who knew about her accomplishments.

Her legacy will forever continue with her fans and her impact will never be forgotten.

The 42-year-old famous fitness diva was fitness trainer prep coach and her death shocked fitness community with many pay their respect:

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“ Oh but the plot deepens, it continues to thicken with its enigmatic radicalness and the story builds with an unparalleled tango “ ⚡️THE BLANK BODY BLOOD. ⚡️ You gotta want that transformative desire, it’s how your body reacts to the chemical reaction that occurs when you train with me. It’s that kind of knock at your door, the one you’ve been dreaming about, to wake your ass up and give you a fist full of WHIP ASS! Ya know, That kind that stains your blood day in and day out, so you can be pushed to that next level of RIDICULOUS. ( ness ) and are forced to be forever transformed. MIND ⚡️ BODY ⚡️ SOUL ⚡️ SPIRIT My program THE BLANK BODY, is for those special soldiers and warriors who understand the degree of the tango, the Essence of its throttling barrier and boundary of its undeniable RESULT. Because as the story climaxes, there are boundaries and there’s only certain BLOOD, that can come in and be that SOLDIER & WARRIOR, it’s a sacred boundary and bound of UNREAL humans getting down and dirty peeling away the old layers off, peeling back that insecure satchel that doesn’t belong, taking off that unwanted piece of weakness. And replacing it all with just one simple thing, FAITH. A bandana, BLANKSTA bandana of HOPE ….. and walking away from me, with that stamp from Amanda IN LOVE. Today will be UNREAL. There’s plenty of average, you come to me to be pushed and propelled to that level of insanity and intensity. ⚡️THE BLANK MISSION ⚡️ ————————— #BLANKSTA #BlankstaWarrior #TheBlankBodyProgram #bornagain #MandyBlank #BlankBody #Goddess #Artist #Warrior #BodySculptor #Art #ohrangutang #BadGirl #BadMotherFucker #glutes #bootybootybooty #bootyfordays #RaiseYourFrequency #ToRaiseYouUp #PushTheButtons #ToPushYourButtons ⚡️€€OTT£G ⚡️ #pinupgirl #waistline #BelieveInTheART. #pushit #2019

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But to rock a PACK, always and forever. ⚡️THE BLANK BODY 6 PACK! ⚡️ It’s a permanent situation when you begin into my program. I help you get to that next level with your HEALTH & FITNESS. Through the BLANK BODY Healthy Habits day in and day out. When you begin it’s a life altering experience, because you get to dig into yourself deeply through my expertise of coaching to get to that next level of UNREAL! It takes diligence, focus, courage and stamina though, you have to be up for the challenge and ready to go work on yourself! ✍️ Write to me, tell me your specific goals, tell me your discouragements, pit falls and anything that has kept you from achieving sustaining results. Together we will conquer your body with exceptional BLANK BODY ART! ————————-⚡️—————————— #BLANKSTA #BlankstaWarrior #TheBlankBodyProgram #bornagain #MandyBlank #BlankBody #Goddess #Artist #Warrior #BodySculptor #Art #ohrangutang #BadGirl #BadMotherFucker #glutes #bootybootybooty #bootyfordays #RaiseYourFrequency #ToRaiseYouUp #PushTheButtons #ToPushYourButtons ⚡️€€OTT£G ⚡️ #pinupgirl #waistline #BelieveInTheART. #pushit #2019

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The Fitnessvolt team sends our condolences to the family of Mandy Blank and her loved ones. RIP.

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