Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James Team-up With Cindy Crawford & Lindsey Vonn To Launch Supplement Company ‘Ladder’

Schwarzenegger and James are joined by Cindy Crawford and Lindsey Vonn in their efforts to create the perfect wellness and supplement brand.

The news was first broke by the Wall Street Journal. They reported that the four famous faces have joined their efforts to create the most ‘organically developed company’ that focuses purely on powdered protein. It includes four main ingredients two protein powders, a greens powder, and an energy powder.

‘Ladder’ is the official title for their venture, and they have wasted no time getting started. They are already offering long-term subscription services, which also include custom plans that are designed to avoid individual dietary requirements.  

The origins of the company began long ago, during James’ stint at the Miami Heat. The basketball star was forced off in the opening period during the first game of the NBA Finals with cramp.

He asked team doctors what he could take during the off-season to come back stronger and healthier. There was nothing on the market, thus James’ doctor produced a safe and quality supplement specific for James’s needs.

Fast forward four years and the supplement has evolved into a ‘Ladder’ brand.

The former California governor, actor and bodybuilder Schwarzenegger had also raised concerns about supplement ingredients throughout his career, meaning he was quick to become part of the ‘Ladder’ movement. Their products are already NSF-certified and advertise that they are ‘created for elite athletes.

Schwarzenegger said: “It’s an organically developed company,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said in an interview, versus “a company coming to us and saying, ‘We’ll give you some stock if we can use your name.’ That’s what I’ve done in the past, but I didn’t have the control. That’s why I got out of the deals.”

The three-time Olympic medalist Vonn along with model and actress Crawford were quick to support the product. Crawford has been a long-term product model and is thought to be crucial in ensuring that the ‘Ladder’ products appeal to women as well as their male counterparts.

‘Ladder’ also hopes that Crawford will be able to encourage potential buyers from all walks of life, not just those in a professional capacity. It is a supplement that is designed for all lifestyles, no matter if you are an amateur just looking to get healthier or a seasoned professional like James.

This will be the key to success for ‘Ladder’ as they will be promoting all their products on social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Along with this, they will be using paid media within social media pages.

You can see their full selection of products on The company will empower you to reach your goals by offering you guidance from world-class experts and advisors.

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