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MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Review – Make the Most Out of Your Creatine

MusclePharm Assault The Best Pre-Workout?

Tom Miller, CSCS
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Pro Tip: Try Assault if you’re looking for a creatine supplement that provides you with not only creatine but also taurine, glycine, and other ingredients that support an active workout.

You’ll need plenty of creatine to help you with building muscle mass during your workouts. MusclePharm produces the Assault Pre-Workout supplement as a product to help you get more out of your creatine needs. You will get 1.5g of creatine with every serving of Assault, but there is much more to the product than just providing your body with the creatine you crave. You will also find plenty of helpful ingredients that work individually to give you the results you deserve without any complicated proprietary blends getting in the way. In fact, you might be surprised as to how cheap this product is.

Ingredients: What To See With MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout

The ingredients listed in MusclePharm Assault are divided up in three sections. First, there’s the Strength and Performance section.

This point includes 1.6g of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine to prevent fatigue by controlling the development of lactic acid in the body. The non-essential amino acid also increases carnosine levels in the skeletal muscles. Carnosine improves upon how well your muscles can handle more weight during a workout.

The Strength and Performance section also includes 1.5g creatine to support the production of energy within the muscle cells. 500mg betaine anhydrous reduces homocysteine levels
in your blood, thus improving upon how well the blood can flow throughout your body.

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Next, there is the Muscle Fuel section. This part includes 500mg each of taurine and glycine.

Glycine is vital for producing collagen and for helping the body to release its energy stores. Taurine also prevents fatigue during a workout and can keep muscle cramps from developing.

The Energy and Focus section is the third part of Assault to see. This includes 200mg of caffeine and 150mg of Acetyl-L Carnitine to help break food down into energy. The acetyl group also helps in the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter needed to improve upon your mental functions. The caffeine total is equal to what you’d get in two cups of coffee. This should be suitable for most people, although it is critical that you avoid an excess dosage.

A Deeper Look

No Blends Needed

You won’t have to worry about proprietary blends when using MusclePharm Assault for your pre-workout needs. Each of the ingredients included in Assault is clearly laid out for you to review, thus keeping you from having to guess about what’s inside.

Extra Vitamin Support

50mcg of vitamin B12 is included for producing healthy blood cells and for producing energy through your carbohydrates. 300mg vitamin C helps as an antioxidant for preventing muscle fatigue and wear following a workout. These are very high totals, although you should be cautious with your dosages so you avoid consuming more than necessary. You may develop diarrhea or nausea if you take in too much vitamin C.

Other Nutritional Points

Assault contains no sugar or carbohydrates. Each serving features only 5 calories. Also, there is around 40mg of sodium in each serving, a total that is extremely minimal and not hard to consume.

This all works with no added artificial dyes. The other ingredients include sucralose, fruit and vegetable juices for coloring, and added potassium to keep the body hydrated. The listing of added ingredients in the product is extremely minor. Calcium silicate is included to prevent the ingredients from spoiling, although that addition isn’t going to negatively influence anything within the product.

Usage Points

Add one scoop of Assault in about 8 to 12 ounces of cold water. Consume about 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. Do not consume more than one serving in a day. Also, aim to keep your servings at around the same time each day so you will be at less of a risk of excess caffeine consumption. You can try about half a scoop at the start to see if your body can tolerate this product well enough.

About the Flavor

You can find Assault in Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch flavors. The Fruit Punch has the same cherry-like flavor that you would expect out of most other flavors of the same kind.

Cost Point

You can get a 30-serving container of Assault for $21.99. With this being about 70 cents per serving, you’ll find that this supplement might be one of the best bargains you can find today.

How Does It Compare?

You’ll have to compare MusclePharm Assault with other similar pre-workout supplements to see what makes this choice so valuable.

OWN PWR Pre-Workout Powder is a choice that includes 3mg citrulline, a vital precursor to nitric oxide. This also contains about twice the creatine as what you would get out of Assault.

You can also consider Legion Pulse Pre Workout as a natural choice for your needs. This option features added beta-alanine to enhance your performance. Theanine and citrulline malate are also included for improving upon the body’s ability to handle nitric oxide. These go beyond arginine, a compound that included in many supplements that claim to support nitric oxide levels but does not necessarily work as a reliable choice for handling them.

Alpha Gx7 Pre Workout Powder offers added taurine for improved energy stores and citrulline malate to prevent fatigue following a workout. About 2g of beta-alanine is also included to keep your workout running smoothly.

Pros and Cons


  • Very affordable
  • No proprietary blends to speak of
  • Contains enough ingredients for energy needs
  • High vitamin C total


  • The caffeine level may be too low for some
  • The flavor isn’t all that outstanding
  • No electrolytes

My Final Thoughts

MusclePharm Assault is an outstanding pre-workout supplement that will help you get your workout moving right every time. You will enjoy how well Assault can give you the extra boost you need with enough glycine and taurine to keep moving and creatine and beta-alanine for results. See what this option can do for you the next time you’re looking for a basic pre-workout supplement.

If you have any questions or need further clarification about this review, please leave a comment below, and Tom will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Review

MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout

8.1 Score

MusclePharm Assault is an outstanding pre-workout supplement that will help you get your workout moving right every time.


  • Very affordable
  • No proprietary blends to speak of
  • Contains enough ingredients for energy needs
  • High vitamin C total


  • The caffeine level may be too low for some
  • The flavor isn’t all that outstanding
  • No electrolytes

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  • Taste
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Tom Miller, CSCS
Tom Miller, CSCS
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