This Arnold Schwarzenegger Commercial for New Company “Ladder” Will Fire You Up!

Schwarzenegger “there’s no magic pill”!

There’s no such thing as retirement… especially for arguably the biggest fitness icon of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s accomplished nearly everything he’s put his mind too during his career, so why stop now, right? Well, he already changed the fitness industry (For the better) once, so why not have another go at it.

But, this time Schwarzenegger is striving towards revolutionizing the supplement industry with his new company “Ladder”.

Now, Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, with seven Mr. Olympia wins to his name (Tied second all-time). So he knows how important hard work is to achieve your goals. The “Austrian Oak” has lived the American dream while inspiring others to work hard, never give up, and pursue the dream no matter what.

So it makes sense that he would deliver a similar message to promote “Ladder”. Schwarzenegger made it clear that… “There’s no magic pill”. He’s right! If anyone knows what it takes to be successful, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. All you need is a dream and some hard work to get it done… no pills necessary!

Check out the commercial featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger below:

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