Big Ramy Training Hard For Big 2019 Comeback

Let’s hope his collaboration with Neil Hill pays for the 2019 Olympia!

Big Ramy is not messing around in 2019 as he is determined to be the best and he’s already begun his collaborative workouts alongside Neil “Yoda”. Ramy placed second behind Phil Heath at the 2017 Olympia and fell off in 2018. However, he is serious about making the necessary improvements in order to surpass what we thought was his best physique, seen at 2017, Mr. Olympia.

Ramy posted some videos on his Instagram of him and Neil Hill training and motivating each other. The first video showed the “day 1,” arm workout, and the second video showed Hill pushing Ramy during “day 2,” where they trained legs.

Check out the videos below…

“Starting 2019 with full power 
Putting my coach 
@neil_yoda_hill1 through killing arms workout just to make sure he is ready for 2019 and actually he is more than ready. Let’s go”.

“Day 2 and of course is legs day with my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 we just getting started more to come”

If Big Ramy trains his butt off, he will definitely make big improvements. As we know he can look as good as anyone up on that Olympia stage. But will 2019 prove to be the year of big Ramy finally winning Mr. Olympia?

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