WATCH: Tiny Meeker Bench Press 1102lbs And Wants More

Throwback: There’s nothing tiny or meek about Tiny Meeker. Paul Meeker, AKA Tiny Meeker was born May 28, 1971 in Houston, Texas. He stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall; weighs about 320 pounds. A tape around his triceps would read 24 inches; around his forearms, nearly 20 inches.

For all those who don’t know about this monster, Tiny Meeker is the greatest bench presser of all time. Tiny Meeker not only benches as much as your total, but he is the heaviest man ever to bench more than three times his own body weight. Yup!!

Meeker, a Humble native who works out and trains at Kingwood’s Monster Gym, broke through the barrier with a lift of 1,102 pounds nine years after the 1,000 pound mark was reached in 2004. He’s already aiming at 1,200 pounds.

“For now I’m king of the bench,” he says. It’s good to be the king.”

Check out the 1102lb bench video!!!

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