This Crossfitter Has a Really Tough Time With His Ego & Gravity

Crossfit fails… What goes up, must come down. Whether it’s the ego of a Crossfitter who wants to put up some big numbers while he’s being filmed, or the weights as they come crashing down from overhead. This CrossFit fail takes things to a whole new level!

We are not here to laugh at anyone’s injury or misfortune, but this is as a good lesson. It’s okay to try hard and fail, but if you are going to push yourself to the point of failure – don’t do it in Crossfit gym using fake plates that probably only weigh 5lbs each.

First, before we show you the video, let’s point out a couple of things.

Before the lift

Crossfit Goes Terribly WrongAfter the lift took a harsh left turn straight to snap city

That's not how cults are supposed to work!
That’s not how cults are supposed to work!

Be warned, this is NOT a pleasing video to watch! Watch the video at your own risk…

Don’t get us wrong, this great nation was built on ego-lifting. “If Christopher Columbus didn’t ego lift his way across the ocean, we wouldn’t even be here right now.”

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself featured in a Crossfit fail meme.

Crossfit Goes Terribly Wrong

“You alright bro? Cool, let me just roll this bar over your extended legs in case you aren’t injured yet.”

Anyone else feeling like they could use a little boost to their testosterone after watching this?

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