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10 Best CrossFit Shoes For Women Reviewed (2022)

Your choice of footwear can make all difference when it comes to CrossFit performance. Here are favorite picks for when you're in the box, or wherever you're putting work in.
Ash, ACE, MSc

Written by Ash, ACE, MSc

Last Updated onApril 1st, 2021

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Check out our review of the best CrossFit shoes for women on the market in 2021. 

As you probably know, CrossFit is a physically and mentally demanding activity, requiring a certain level of proficiency in various disciplines including weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, etc. But as with any sport, a solid base that starts with the feet is crucial for optimal performance.

Having the support and stability to handle heavy loads or transition between activities will make all the difference in your WODs and on the competition floor. 

Here are our top CrossFit shoe picks for women…

  1. NOBULL Women’s TrainersBuy here Editor’s Choice 
  2. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross TrainerBuy here
  3. Nike Metcon 5 Women’s Cross TrainerBuy here
  4. Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Cross TrainerBuy here
  5. Altra Solstice XT Women’s Cross TrainerBuy here
  6. Reebok Women’s CrossFit Grace TR Cross TrainerBuy here
  7. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 Women’s Cross TrainerBuy here
  8. Reebok Speed TR Women’s Cross Trainer Buy here
  9. Ryka Influence Women’s Cross TrainerBuy here
  10. Joomra Minimalist Style ShoesBuy here

Editor’s Choice – NOBULL Women’s Trainers

Nobull Women S Training Shoes
Nobull Women’s Training Shoes

NOBULL is the current title sponsor (previously Reebok) and official footwear and apparel brand of the prestigious CrossFit Games competition. 

They are repped by the world’s best athletes including 4x Fittest Women on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey who is also the greatest female champion in the sport’s history. 

Therefore, there’s no question about the brand’s quality and the functionality of their footwear. 

NOBULLS shoes are very aesthetic and sleek with many color options to choose from. They’re also lightweight, breathable, flexible, and are made with a lug pattern outsole that’s stable and supportive for multi-surface use. The shoes also have a medial rope grip for rope climbs, and the NOBULL logo is reflective. 

Heel drop: 4mm


  • Really does provide excellent support and performance
  • Reflective logo makes for better visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Flexible


  • Traction takes getting used too especially for newbies
  • Some don’t care for the appearance

About the brand

NOBULL, which started in 2015, is the current title sponsor of the CrossFit Games after signing a multi-year partnership with the organization most recently. 

They don’t believe in gimmicks and believe it’s the athlete that makes themselves fitter, not the gear. 

Buy at Amazon

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Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Reebok Women S Nano 9
Reebok Women’s Nano 9

The Reebok Nano lineup is known for being of top-notch quality and among the best performance shoes on the market. The Nano 9 cross Trainer is a previous model but it was and still is extremely popular among CrossFit and other athletes. 

It’s made from highly durable and lightweight material that’s also flexible due to the figure-8 stitching design. The toe box is roomy to allow for a natural feel during training or competition, and it’s also a low-cut design so it won’t inhibit ankle mobility.

There’s also a wide selection of colors to choose from. 

The Nano 9 is hard to beat. 

Heel drop: 4mm


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Flexweave material provides more stretch and breathability
  • Roomy toe area
  • great for wider feet
  • Low-cut allows for more ankle movement


  • May be a little heavier/clunkier than other designs

About the brand

Reebok needs no introduction. It’s an “American-style global brand” with the mission to “be the best fitness brand in the world.”

In fact, over the years they’ve transitioned from a sports brand to a fitness brand because they believe in the importance of it. 

Buy at Amazon

Nike Metcon 5 Women’s Cross Trainer

Nike Women S Metcon 5
Nike Women’s Metcon 5

Right up there with the best is the Nike Metcon. Metcon is short for metabolic conditioning, a form of training that’s a focus in CrossFit. 

It’s a staple shoe for gym time and receives a lot of praise for the stability and support they offer for cross-training activities. The Metcon is a very stable shoe with a firm midsole and heel so it’s great for heavy lifts. It’s just an all-around versatile shoe.

It has a low, flat, and wide heel and includes a Hyperlift insert that adds offset for increased performance during certain exercises such as squats, thrusters, and wall balls. It’s also softer in the forefoot for optimal comfort during high-impact activities. 

Heel drop: 4mm


  • Removable Hyperlift insert adds offset for improved performance during certain activities
  • Very stable
  • Good lifting shoe
  • Heel clip is great for wall handstand push-ups
  • Reinforced tongue adds comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Directional traction on outsole 
  • Versatile
  • Spacious 


  • Not the best for all-day wear
  • Not most ideal for runs

About the brand

Nike is a leading sports brand whose mission is to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

Nearly everyone is familiar with Nike who offers many of the best performance products from shoes to clothes, gear, and more.

Buy at Amazon

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Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer

Reebok Women S Nano X1
Reebok Women’s Nano X1

The Nano X1 is the official shoe of high-intensity everything 

There are several models but the Nano X1 is among the latest to hit shelves and there have been some notable features. 

The X1 uses Reebok’s Floatride technology typically used for their running shoes. However, it’s still made with cross-trainer functionality and has a sleek design. Although, it’s not going to provide the best stability for heavy lifts because of the responsive cushioning.

But it’s a lightweight, versatile, and supportive training shoe with decent room in the toe box and it’s just a good “all-around” shoe choice.

Heel drop: 7mm


  • Incredibly versatile due to Floatride tech and cross trainer design
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Heel clip helps with transitions
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Good for all-day wear


  • Responsive cushioning may not be as stable for heavy lifts
  • Few complaints about back digging into the back of the foot (wear socks)

About the brand

Reebok needs no introduction. It’s an “American-style global brand” with the mission to “be the best fitness brand in the world.”

In fact, over the years they’ve transitioned from a sports brand to a fitness brand because they believe in the importance of it. 

Buy at Amazon

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Altra Solstice XT Women’s Cross Trainer

Altra Women S Al0a4qtn Solstice
Altra Women’s Al0a4qtn Solstice

The Altra brand is synonymous with marathons and Ultra races but they also make some great cross trainers too. 

The Solstice XT can almost do it all, designed for short runs, gym sessions, and cross-training.

It’s a very lightweight design made with Fit4Her technology that forms to the female foot and the FootShape toe box enhances comfort and stability by allowing the toes to spread how nature intended.

Balancd cushioning keeps your heel and forefoot equal to the ground which minimizes impact, and then you have the Innerflex grid-like groove that allows the feet to flex. 

The Solstice XT also has a high-abrasion EVA midsole, caged upper, and is all-around supportive and stable. 

It’s a zero-drop shoe which means the heel to toe is one level. 


  • Improved caged upper 
  • Focus on women’s fit and function 
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and flexible 


  • Several complaints about fit and function 

About the brand

Altra is an American manufacturing company that is also a top running shoe brand although they do offer general footwear options. Their models are top of the line and used by many of the world’s best athletes. 

Buy at Amazon

Reebok Women’s CrossFit Grace TR Cross Trainer

Reebok Women S Crossfit Grace Tr
Reebok Women’s Crossfit Grace Tr

Another and certainly not the last shoe from Reebok, the CrossFit Grace TR, well, the name says it all. 

This shoe has a supportive upper designed for lateral stability which is crucial during quick movements and transitions. The molded sockliner adds a lot to comfort and the flex grooves allow for flexibility. 

Toe Tection at the forefoot provides durability that stands up to long sessions and the rubber outsole is, of course, designed for optimal gripping. 

Heel drop: 4mm


  • Enhanced for lateral stability 
  • Molded sockliner improves fit and comfort
  • Durable toe area
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious 
  • Grippy sole
  • Flexible


  • Not great for arch support (you can add inserts)

About the brand

Reebok needs no introduction. It’s an “American-style global brand” with the mission to “be the best fitness brand in the world.”

In fact, over the years they’ve transitioned from a sports brand to a fitness brand because they believe in the importance of it. 

Buy at Amazon

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 Women’s Cross Trainer

Inov 8 Womens F Lite 235 V3
Inov 8 Womens F Lite 235 V3

Inov-8 performance shoes have made it on many of our top pick reviews. But there’s a reason for that, they are becoming a preferred choice of footwear for physical activities.

The F-Lite 235 V3 has many desirable features in a cross-trainer including its lightweight and flexible design, snug fit, wide toe box that provides a solid lifting base, and performance outsole technology. Another great thing about the shoe design is the rope guard technology that extends to the upper and a welded toe bumper that will stand up to rope climbs, box jumps, and more while remaining intact. 

The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V3 is a sleek, minimal design shoe that does what it’s intended for very well. 

Heel drop: 4mm


  • Sleek and minimalist design 
  • Wide toe box 
  • Rope guard technology 
  • Lightweight and flexible 
  • Versatile


  • Several complaints about the fit 
  • Not the best choice for runs 

About the brand

Inov-8 is a shoe, clothing, and equipment brand for runners and athletes. They’re a world leader in grip technology and believe an athlete’s interaction with the environment is the most important factor in designing products. 

Buy at Amazon

Reebok Speed TR Women’s Cross Trainer

Reebok Women S Speed Tr
Reebok Women’s Speed Tr

If you take a poll on the best CrossFit shoes, the Reebok Speed TR line is likely to come up because it’s an outstanding shoe. 

It’s functional, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable according to most wearers of which the flexweave upper has a little to do with. The Speed TR is made for performance on the road, in the gym, on grass, or anywhere that you prefer to train. 

It also has nice aesthetics which we really like. 

Heel drop: 3mm


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible and provides stretch
  • Very versatile 
  • Comfortable 


  • Low-cut heel

About the brand

Reebok needs no introduction. It’s an “American-style global brand” with the mission to “be the best fitness brand in the world.”

In fact, over the years they’ve transitioned from a sports brand to a fitness brand because they believe in the importance of it. 

Buy at Amazon

Ryka Influence Women’s Cross Trainer

Ryka Women S Influence Cross
Ryka Women’s Influence Cross

The Ryka Influence is an intriguing shoe not just because of its aesthetics, but it seems to be popular with workout enthusiasts.

From the manufacturer, the Ryka Influence is a “high-impact training shoe with comfort and support for even the most intense activities.”

The Ryka Influence was designed specifically for the purpose of fitting a women’s foot shape, muscle movement, and build. It also has extra arch and heel support and pivot point on the outsole for efficient twist and turn. 

With such a passionate team for women’s performance, we had to include the Ryka Influence with the rest.


  • Passionate women’s performance brand
  • Light and comfy 
  • Provides shape retention 
  • Responsive cushioning 
  • Good all-around shoe
  • Good for walking 


  • Few complaints about lack of support

About the brand

Ryka is proud to be a “made for women” brand. The company started thirty years ago with the mission to design shoes specifically for women’s feet, movement, and build. 

A Made for Women movement, where our individuality is rightfully celebrated and actions speak louder than words. Because women deserve better. Better shoes, better rights, a better world.”

Buy at Amazon

Joomra Minimalist Style Shoes

Joomra Women S Minimalist Trail
Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail

We saved a good for last; it’s unlike any other on our list because it’s a minimalist style shoe that keeps your feet closer to the ground and gives a more natural foot feel. It also happens to be cheaper than our other picks.  

The Joomra women’s trail runner can double as a cross trainer and lifting shoe because it allows the feet to move more naturally, and provides a stable base due to the design. 

It has a wide toe box, good arch support with removable insoles, and a circulate lug pattern on the outsole for all-terrains, plus it gives a responsive feel. 

The shoes also have a reflective strip on the heel counter that can be beneficial for night training. 

Just be sure that you’ve conditioned your joints to be able to use a minimalist style shoe because there is a transition period. This means not jumping straight into activities using a minimalist shoe. This is especially important if you’ll be doing fast-paced activities and running.

Note: The shoes are an open-toe design and not with individual toe slots.  


  • Looks cool!
  • Very popular 
  • Minimalist style design gives more foot freedom  
  • Versatile 
  • Removable insoles 
  • Reflective strip improves visibility in low light environments 
  • Snug and secure
  • Good for lateral movements and climbing 
  • Cheaper than most other options 
  • Easier to clean


  • Not ideal for those new to minimalist shoes/needs transition period
  • Not as light and flexible as other similar options 
  • Few complaints about odor
  • Few complaints about shoe quality 

About the brand

Joomra minimalist and barefoot-style shoes are ideal for training and fitness. They’re designed to offer sufficient toe room and stability which makes them a versatile shoe. 

Buy at Amazon

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How We Chose The Best CrossFit Shoes For Women

There was definitely a criteria that we used for selecting the shoes on this list. 


When it comes to footwear, it’s typically best to go with proven and tested brands like the ones on this list of best CrossFit shoes for women. 

It’s just better to stick with options that athletes and everyone use because you know that the quality and function are there.


Again, choosing shoes from top brands ensures quality as your foot health is not something you want to skimp on. But you also want specially-designed workout shoes that allow you to maximize your physical efforts and not wear out or lose functionality. 


There is a wide range of features between the different shoe options but not every shoe has all of the same features. That’s OK because we all have different feet, needs, and budgets. 

To learn more about ideal features to look for in a CrossFit-shoe, check out our other CrossFit shoe review that includes a buying guide. 

Wrapping Up

There are more than enough top-notch options in this review of the best CrossFit shoes for women. Not all are created equally but that’s why we’ve included a nice selection of kicks with different features and also at different price points. 

If you have any questions leave them below or drop a comment. Also be sure to check out our review of the best weightlifting shoes for 2021.

This article was written by Ash , who is dedicated to providing accurate and trustworthy information to our readers. Ash is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions or need further clarification about this review, please leave a comment below, and Ash will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Ash, ACE, MSc
Ash, ACE, MSc
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