Clean and Jerk Strength Standards for Men and Women

Discover how your Clean and Jerk performance compares to others and set new strength goals. Use our calculator to find your level and get personalized improvement tips.

Calculate Your Clean and Jerk Strength Level

Calculate Your Clean and Jerk Strength

Clean and Jerk Weight Standards

Compare your Clean and Jerk performance to these weight standards and see where you stand.

Beginner105 lbs
Novice153 lbs
Intermediate212 lbs
Advanced281 lbs
Elite357 lbs

Clean and Jerk Bodyweight Ratio Standards

See how your Clean and Jerk strength measures up relative to your body weight.

LevelBodyweight Ratio
LevelBodyweight Ratio

Clean and Jerk Standards by Bodyweight

Find the Clean and Jerk strength standards for your specific body weight.
110 lbs64 lbs97 lbs141 lbs193 lbs250 lbs
120 lbs72 lbs107 lbs153 lbs207 lbs267 lbs
130 lbs79 lbs117 lbs164 lbs220 lbs282 lbs
140 lbs87 lbs126 lbs175 lbs233 lbs296 lbs
150 lbs94 lbs135 lbs186 lbs245 lbs310 lbs
160 lbs101 lbs143 lbs196 lbs257 lbs323 lbs
170 lbs108 lbs152 lbs206 lbs268 lbs336 lbs
180 lbs115 lbs160 lbs215 lbs279 lbs348 lbs
190 lbs121 lbs168 lbs224 lbs290 lbs360 lbs
200 lbs128 lbs175 lbs233 lbs300 lbs371 lbs
210 lbs134 lbs183 lbs242 lbs309 lbs382 lbs
220 lbs140 lbs190 lbs250 lbs319 lbs393 lbs
230 lbs146 lbs197 lbs258 lbs328 lbs403 lbs
240 lbs152 lbs204 lbs266 lbs337 lbs413 lbs
250 lbs158 lbs210 lbs274 lbs346 lbs422 lbs
260 lbs164 lbs217 lbs281 lbs354 lbs432 lbs
270 lbs169 lbs223 lbs289 lbs362 lbs441 lbs
280 lbs175 lbs230 lbs296 lbs371 lbs450 lbs
290 lbs180 lbs236 lbs303 lbs378 lbs458 lbs
300 lbs185 lbs242 lbs310 lbs386 lbs467 lbs
310 lbs190 lbs248 lbs316 lbs393 lbs475 lbs
90 lbs54 lbs76 lbs105 lbs139 lbs175 lbs
100 lbs57 lbs81 lbs110 lbs145 lbs182 lbs
110 lbs61 lbs85 lbs115 lbs150 lbs188 lbs
120 lbs64 lbs89 lbs119 lbs155 lbs194 lbs
130 lbs67 lbs92 lbs124 lbs160 lbs199 lbs
140 lbs70 lbs95 lbs127 lbs164 lbs204 lbs
150 lbs72 lbs99 lbs131 lbs169 lbs209 lbs
160 lbs75 lbs102 lbs135 lbs173 lbs214 lbs
170 lbs77 lbs105 lbs138 lbs177 lbs218 lbs
180 lbs80 lbs107 lbs141 lbs180 lbs222 lbs
190 lbs82 lbs110 lbs144 lbs184 lbs226 lbs
200 lbs84 lbs113 lbs147 lbs187 lbs230 lbs
210 lbs86 lbs115 lbs150 lbs190 lbs233 lbs
220 lbs88 lbs117 lbs153 lbs193 lbs237 lbs
230 lbs90 lbs120 lbs155 lbs196 lbs240 lbs
240 lbs92 lbs122 lbs158 lbs199 lbs243 lbs
250 lbs94 lbs124 lbs160 lbs202 lbs246 lbs
260 lbs96 lbs126 lbs163 lbs205 lbs249 lbs

Clean and Jerk Standards by Age

Discover how Clean and Jerk strength standards vary across different age groups.
1591 lbs131 lbs182 lbs241 lbs305 lbs
20103 lbs149 lbs207 lbs274 lbs348 lbs
25105 lbs153 lbs212 lbs281 lbs357 lbs
30105 lbs153 lbs212 lbs281 lbs357 lbs
35105 lbs153 lbs212 lbs281 lbs357 lbs
40105 lbs153 lbs212 lbs281 lbs357 lbs
45100 lbs145 lbs201 lbs267 lbs339 lbs
5095 lbs137 lbs190 lbs251 lbs319 lbs
5588 lbs127 lbs176 lbs233 lbs296 lbs
6081 lbs117 lbs161 lbs214 lbs271 lbs
6574 lbs106 lbs146 lbs194 lbs245 lbs
7067 lbs96 lbs132 lbs175 lbs221 lbs
7561 lbs87 lbs119 lbs157 lbs198 lbs
8055 lbs78 lbs107 lbs141 lbs178 lbs
8551 lbs71 lbs97 lbs127 lbs161 lbs
9046 lbs65 lbs88 lbs116 lbs145 lbs
1560 lbs83 lbs111 lbs144 lbs179 lbs
2068 lbs94 lbs126 lbs163 lbs204 lbs
2569 lbs96 lbs129 lbs167 lbs209 lbs
3069 lbs96 lbs129 lbs167 lbs209 lbs
3569 lbs96 lbs129 lbs167 lbs209 lbs
4069 lbs96 lbs129 lbs167 lbs209 lbs
4566 lbs91 lbs123 lbs159 lbs199 lbs
5062 lbs86 lbs116 lbs150 lbs187 lbs
5558 lbs80 lbs108 lbs139 lbs173 lbs
6054 lbs74 lbs99 lbs128 lbs159 lbs
6549 lbs68 lbs90 lbs116 lbs144 lbs
7045 lbs61 lbs82 lbs105 lbs130 lbs
7541 lbs56 lbs74 lbs95 lbs117 lbs
8038 lbs51 lbs67 lbs86 lbs106 lbs
8535 lbs46 lbs61 lbs78 lbs96 lbs
9032 lbs43 lbs56 lbs71 lbs87 lbs

Clean and Jerk Overview

The Clean and Jerk is a dynamic compound exercise that combines a powerful pull from the ground to shoulder height followed by an explosive overhead press, targeting multiple muscle groups for strength and power development.

Muscles Worked

Equipment Needed

Barbell, Weight Plates

How To Perform the Clean and Jerk

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, barbell on the floor over the mid-foot.
  2. Grip the barbell with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  3. Lower hips with chest up and back flat, eyes forward.
  4. Drive through heels, lifting the barbell by extending hips and knees.
  5. Pull the bar close to your body, shrugging shoulders and pulling elbows high.
  6. Transition to a front squat position as you catch the barbell on your shoulders.
  7. Stand up fully, then dip slightly by bending knees.
  8. Explosively drive through heels, extending knees and hips, and press the bar overhead.
  9. Lock out arms and stabilize the barbell overhead.
  10. Lower the bar back to shoulders, then to the floor, maintaining control.

Want to perfect your form? Check out our detailed guide on Clean and Jerk for proper technique and tips.

Pro Tips for Clean and Jerk

  • Warm up thoroughly before performing the exercise.
  • Maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.
  • Focus on a strong, controlled pull and a quick transition.
  • Use a hook grip for a more secure hold on the bar.
  • Start with lighter weights to perfect form before increasing load.
  • Engage core to stabilize during the lift.
  • Avoid hyperextending the lower back during the overhead press.

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