10 Top-Rated Weighted Vests To Up Your Training Intensity (Reviewed 2021)

Here are some of the best quality options on the market currently.

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The weighted vest is one of the most long-standing training aids around. It’s used for resistance workouts, running, or any activity where additional weight is needed whether in or outdoors.

But there are a lot of options out there suited for different needs and individuals so it helps to know which ones are among the best quality for an ideal fit and function.

Today we review several different weighted vests each which offers some different including design, materials, and even price point.

Here’s Our Editor’s Pick…

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest
Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

This top-rated weight vest is the perfect option for adding resistance to any physical activity. It’s filled with odor-free iron (not sand), padded for comfort, made with light, breathable neoprene and it has a mesh pocket to store your belongings. 

Also, the buckles are adjustable for a snug fit and the weight is evenly distributed to ensure the weight stays where it’s supposed to.

The Aduro Sport weighted vests come in 4, 6, 12, 20, 25, and 30 pounds.

Best Price

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest is odorless, breathable material, mesh pockets, adjustable buckles, evenly distributed weight.

Bear KompleX Weighted Vest

Bear Komplex Weight Vest
Bear Komplex Weight Vest

Bear KompleX makes some really great training gear and their weighted vest is surely no exception.

It’s made from Military Grade 1000D Cordura Nylon and comes with Heat treated steel Alloy buckles with a breaking load of 9Kn (2023lbs of force). Plus, it fits all Rogue and Sapi plates and the vest is entirely adjustable for all your intense activities.

So, you should have no problem doing any type of weight training, CrossFit, etc and the weight is evenly distributed throughout.

This is an excellent option.

Best Price

Bear KompleX Weight Vest

Bear KompleX Weight Vest has adjustable shoulder, site straps, steel alloy quick-release buckles.

Strength Sport Systems Weighted Vest

Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest
Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest

This Strength Sport Systems vest is made from superior quality materials and it’s designed to last for a long time. 

The odor-less filling consists of sand and iron ore mix while the material is made from 600D nylon which is breathable, comfortable and fitting.

You don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding either plus the velcro is very strong for optimal secureness and the card buckle is entirely adjustable. 

Best Price

Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest

Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest is odorless, adjustable buckle, breathable, comfortable.

ZFOsports Short Weighted Vest

Zfosports Weighted Vest
Zfosports Weighted Vest

The ZFOsports vest comes in 12, 20, and 50 pounds (iron) for all experience levels. It’s a one-size-fits-all option and is adjustable as a result. It’s also equipped with a pocket and a water bottle holder.

Best Price

ZFOsports Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Weighted Vest is adjustable, moves freely without a problem.

Runmax Pro Weighted Vest

Runmax Weighted Vest
Runmax Weighted Vest

A best-seller, the Runmax Pro comes in 12, 20, 40, 50, and 60 pounds for beginners to more advanced levels of fitness.

There is also an option with or without shoulder pads based on preference.

Best Price

RUNmax Weighted Vest

RUNmax Weighted Vest has pockets to store phone or music devices, weight options from 20lbs-60lbs, water bottle holder, one size fits all.

Northgym Weighted Vest

Northgym Adjustable Weighted Vest
Northgym Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you’re looking for a cool vest that’s fully functional and made from quality construction then the Northgym weighted vest is right up there. 

It’s adjustable with two side straps to fit all sizes and is padded for shoulder comfort during your training. When fitted correctly it won’t move and the vests come with 2 3D-shaped weighted plates for a tailored fit. 

You can also choose from the sizes (14 and 20lbs) plus the vest has velcro on the front in back so that you can place patches on it (comes with two rubber patches).

Best Price

Northgym Weighted Vest

Northgym Weighted Vest is adjusted to your needs, fit from skinny to bulky and small to tall, easier to load and exchange the plates.

Swift 360 Weighted Vest

Swift360 Weighted Vest
Swift360 Weighted Vest

The Swift360 weighted vest is weight adjustable up to 40 pounds with waist velcro for added security and protection. So, it’ll hold up to most physical activities and is a decent price for what you get.

Best Price

Swift360 Weighted Vest

Swift360 Weighted Vest is Double-stitched, easy to adjustable, waiste velcro for protection, comes with weight.

miR Pro Weighted Vest

Mir Pro Weighted Vest
Mir Pro Weighted Vest

The miR Pro is made from 1200D reinforced nylon, plus it’s double-padded with 45 pounds in total (1.5lb increments) and a velcro belt is included.

There’s a standard and zipper option based on preference. 

This is a quality tool to aid you in your perfect training sessions.

Best Price

miR PRO Weighted Vest

miR PRO Weighted Vest, one size fits all, adjustable belt, weights comes in the package, compact design.

Cross 101 Weighted Vest

Cross101 Weighted Vest
Cross101 Weighted Vest

Another great vest, Cross101 comes in 20, 40, 60, and 80-pound options.

Depending on the weight of each vest, there are different increments in pounds to total the maximum amount of weight included.

One size fits most the vest is a one-piece design with an attached belt.

Best Price

CROSS101 Weighted Vest

CROSS101 Weighted Vest great for CrossFit, choose from 20lb-80lbs weight, velcro strap for protection, weights included, 

CFF Fit Weighted Vest

Cff Adjustable Weighted Vest
Cff Adjustable Weighted Vest

And for the last vest on our list, the CFF Fit weighted vest will serve you well in your endeavors. It weighs 44 pounds total and you can adjust in 2.2lb increment. There’s double padding throughout the body and shoulders plus the weight is evenly distributed in the front and back for optimal performance.

A chest belt is also attached for no bouncing or shifting during your activities and the body length is adjustable.

Best Price

CFF Fit Weighted Vest

CFF Fit Weighted Vest has durable Velcro weight closures, adjustable straps, double padding for maximum comfort, heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon & mesh vented.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is a very handy tool because whether you’re doing push-ups, pull-ups, engaging in CrossFit type workouts, running, hiking or anything similar, well… it just makes things simpler and more convenient. 

You really don’t want to be holding a dumbbell or balancing a barbell all the time. Not to mention, a backpack loaded with weights isn’t ideal either because the weight isn’t equally distributed for optimal training and/or function.

One study found that wearing a weighted vest can slightly improve agility performance when tested using young men. And similarly, a weighted vest has been shown to increase speed by 2.9 percent when tested with runners. (1)

Another study found that wearing a weighted vest during a 5-year program significantly prevented bone loss in older postmenopausal women. And when tested for potential balance improvement in postmenopausal women, the weighted vest showed to be effective for this purpose. (2, 3)

But according to an article published by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), wearing a weighted vest during walking can also increase the amount of calories burned and VO2 (oxygen consumption), more so than walking without a vest. 

This was determined during an ACE-study which had 13 untrained women walk on a treadmill where the vest was added to see if there was a difference in several factors associated with physical activity.

And this is beneficial for people who may not be able to increase the speed of activity but rather the additional weight from the vest will allow the individual to work harder.

Although, there were a few specific variables which elicited the benefits.

So, a quality, functionally designed vest can surely make a significant difference in your physical activities and you have quite a few different options here to choose from. 

How To Choose A Weight Vest?

The vests we’ve chosen for our review are all great options but this will definitely depend on the individual, activities that you’ll be engaging in, and budget, of course. 

Now, many weighted vests are versatile which means you can simply change the amount of weight which it carries at any given moment. But some only come with a fixed amount of weight which is fine if you’re looking for something simple. 

But like anything else, if you’re new to using a weight vest, start small and work your way up if you desire to eventually perform your activities with a max amount of weight. 

If you’re at an intermediate or even advanced level of fitness then you’re likely aware of how much weight is ideal for you.

For resistance training, you’ll want to be able to challenge yourself by using a good amount of resistance which will allow you to reach a certain number of reps. So, an adjustable vest which can carry a decent amount of additional weight is ideal.

For endurance, using less weight is better, especially since you’re not used to carrying additional weight around on a daily basis. But, of course, if you’re pretty hardcore then feel free to strap on extra weight for a tough workout session or trek through the woods. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re interested in adding additional weight to your physical activities then a weight vest can be a really valuable tool.

Our best picks come in different shapes, sizes, and options for weight but there are also various price points which we know everyone can appreciate based on budget and needs.

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