‘Shaolin Monk’ Absorbs A Barrage Of Brutal Punches To The Head From MMA Fighter Without Flinching

Shaolin monk

An incredible clip has resurfaced showing the moment a mixed martial arts fighter sustained a flurry of powerful blows to the head without appearing to flinch.

Fearless Shaolin Yi Long, who describes himself as a monk, drops his arms and stands motionless as his opponent Brad Riddell delivers a number of unanswered blows.

THIS footage shows the incredible moment a self-proclaimed Shaolin monk barely flinches as he absorbs a brutal barrage of punches in an MMA clash.

Watch the video:

Fighter Yi Long, a self-described Shaolin monk, can be seen in the ring with Brad Riddell, from New Zealand.

Long, 30, stands motionless as his opponent pummels him in the face.

After a few seconds of being punched Long fights back and kicks Riddell in a counter-attack motion.

Riddell later won the contest by a unanimous decision.

Luiz Carlos said: ‘This guy is amazing!’

Paul Ryder added: ‘Not many people in the world could take shots like that!’

A spokesman for the Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery in China, denied any connection to the fighter.

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