Throwback: Passion. Determination. Screaming, “Yeah Buddy! Light Weight, Baby!”

This was the recipe for success for The King, Ronnie Coleman, on his route to winning eight straight Mr. Olympia contests from 1998-2005.

Last year M&S team traveled down to Arlington, Texas, to reminisce with his greatness about his legendary and Hall of Fame bodybuilding career.

They take you on tour with Ronnie, Brian Dobson, Gus Carter, and Cory Mathews, through the infamous Metroflex Gym in Arlington. Every lifter, whether recreational, amateur, or professional, knows that the road to a better physique is paved with sweat and iron.

Ronnie’s road to being 8x Mr. Olympia was no different, and if Metroflex’s walls could talk, these are the memories of supernatural strength it would share.

Time will always pass, but memories will never fade.

Metroflex first opens in September of 1986 and will celebrate its 30th birthday this coming September. The famed gym has brought the best out of many IFBB pros, both in their training and on stage. One of the most filmed gyms ever, a lot of prestige surrounds those who are fortunate enough to train there.

Of course, a lot of that has to do with the early members who set the training standard. Right in the mix of things, the bar was raised (pun intended) early and set by Ronnie himself.

Check out the golden memories of big Ronnie in the video above.

Source: M&S

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