The UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor brought his A Game when against the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in their boxing super fight just weeks ago. The Irishman put on a showing that surprised casual combat sports fans and experts alike, with pundits who had originally stated that McGregor would lose the bout handily being shocked by his performance.

In the above video, Joe Rogan discusses why McGregor “gassed out” in his high profile boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Rogan believes that “Mystic Mac” has some “serious endurance problems”, and that is why he suffered a tenth-round TKO loss at the hands of the legendary undefeated boxer.

In addition to that, Rogan and Brendan Schaub discuss the limited amount of time Conor McGregor had to prepare for the elite boxing of Floyd Mayweather Jr, and how that played a part in the blockbuster super fight.

“So Conor McGregor was not really sure if he was actually going to have this boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. So he knocks out Eddie Alvarez (at UFC 205) and then somehow or another the rumblings get started. But that’s just not enough time! A few months to prepare for Floyd? To have the fight so close after they actually announced it was happening was just crazy.”

Rogan continued:

“For something like that, if you gave Conor like six months… Maybe he could get in better shape. Or he could survive. He’s never going to be, against a guy like Mayweather who is so efficient and who’s movement is so crisp. This is how I was describing it to a friend of mine. Who was trying to figure out why (Conor) would get so tired. I go, ‘Ok when you tie your shoe you don’t even think about it, you just do it. But if you have to think about lacing up your shoes, it takes more energy. You have to think and then your tense. Floyd was just tying his shoes. He’s so good and he’s been doing it so long that he just has it ingrained in his movements. So Conor has to think way more than Floyd does.’ Conor’s belief in himself is incredible! But even that is not enough if you fight a better boxer and your body gets tired.”

“In the beginning of the fight, if (Conor) could have maintained, somehow or another, if he was in good enough shape that he could maintain the pace that he had in the first three rounds for the entire twelve, then it is a way different fight. Because he is dangerous, he is quick and he’s able to move away. He (McGregor) has a huge endurance problem, at least when it comes to boxing. Maybe in MMA as well.”

McGregor had put together a terrific opening four rounds before eventually fatiguing later in his fight with “Money”.


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