Will Flex Compete Again After 2017 Mr.Olympia?

The legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler may not be won the title of Classic Physique 2017, but he certainly was a winner in the fans. Flex was looking amazing in his comeback on the stage, Flex gets an honorary posing routine during the finals, and an emotional goodbye was all we could have ever hoped for. A goodbye that Flex Wheeler never got to give back in his prime.

Watch the above interview of Flex Wheeler answering the questions about competing once again for 2017 Olympia Classic Physique 2017.

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6 Comments on "WATCH: Flex Wheeler’s Interview After Olympia 2017"

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Godwin Dindi

This got me emotional….let me go punch some bags

Siviwe Svigee

Flex is a legend salute and respect he was looking great

Mahesh Kumar

Huge respect of you…

Giancarlo Caesar

Hope not. Not with your failing health

Ekene Okelue Nwankwo

I have huge respect for this man, one of the greatest of all time,.Sandows or not.

Christopher Lorenzo

Kevin Levrone was in better shape than him.