World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw Calls Out Brad Castleberry On Fake Weights!

Brian Shaw known worldwide as one of WSM’s most colossal Strongmen, he has finished within the top four every year since 2011 and taken the World’s Strongest Man crown on 4-times – first in 2011, again in 2013 and the third triumph in 2015 with the fourth in Botswana, 2016.

Shaw also holds an extraordinary set of world strength records, from the 825lb Squat to the 880lb Deadlift, to the 1,140 strapped Hummer Tire Lift.

The 6’8, 440lb giant Brian Shaw is likely in for a future matchup with the famous one and only… Brad Castleberry! Yes, that’s right. Brian Shaw, the 4-time World’s Strongest Man champion, challenged Brad Castleberry via his official Instagram.

Brian Shaw posted the following video on his Instagram where he tagged Brad Castleberry while doing this tricep exercise and he says

“Maybe I should bump it up to 3 plates per side to match Brad Castleberry”

“Some accessory tricep work with the awesome Rogue Curl Bar. This bar weighs 30 lbs so the total weight is 210 lbs/95kg…easy working set. Maybe I should bump it up to 3 plates per side to match @bradcastleberry (Brad Castleberry)… what do you think? Haha…”

Shaw also added:

“Brad Castleberry I will fly you out here to CO so we can train together. No better way to set the record straight and shut everyone up than to train with a 4X World’s Strongest Man and show them what you can do. Let me know “

The interesting thing here is, surprisingly Brad Castleberry accepted the offer and replied to Shaw’s comments:

“I see you killing. Yeah let’s make it happen.”

and then Shaw replied to Castleberry’s comment:

“Brad Castleberry alright I will shoot you a DM so we can set it up. I’m a straight shooter and will take you at your word. Will be awesome to see you gain back some respect by training with me.”

Brian Shaw has challenged Brad Castleberry….and he accepted!

This is a pretty different side of Brad Castleberry, we all know he’s been accused of using fake weights in his training videos and been challenged by several different peoples, but this is the only time he openly accepted the invitation on the world Strongest Man Instagram page. So could this be the end of the Brad Castleberry’s fake weights era?

Now the obvious question is, will Castleberry show up and finally proves everyone wrong or he’s not going to show up at all and just make himself look even worse?

Do you think Brad will ever take Brian Shaw’s challenge?


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