WATCH: Flex Wheeler On What Went Wrong At 2017 Mr. Olympia

Flex Wheeler - Classic Physique - 2017 Olympia

Flex Wheeler won the Arnold Classic four times and was once described by Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen. He may not have won the 2017 Olympia Classic Physique but he certainly was a winner with the fans. Not only was it amazing to see the legend return in such good shape but for him to also get an honorary posing routine during the finals.

In a recent interview with Muscular Development’s Ron, Flex talks about his Classic comeback at age 52, his favorite wins, and could he have been Mr. Olympia if he’d been more serious about winning the Mr. O?

Watch the full interview below:

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Demetrius Solemamo

All is ui and steroids….stop all and is like little child…..all the old dobybuilders from 70s 80s is real muscles from training and diet and the half steroids ….now is good…=

Cody Laurent

Larry Scott was juiced out. Shut up

Pete Brandtman

The shorts didn’t help

Robert Buka

Shouldn’t have competed in the first place.

Cristi Barbu

no steroids ..thats what

Allen Smith

Still looks better than most people I know

Alex Harrison

Natural this. Juice that. Fuck up you twats. Sound like a few kids sooking in the school yard. Never anything but this shit on fitness pages these days

Paul Gabler

old age

Kevin M. Henry

You went out like a true champ. We the many fans can only wish to experience a 1/4 of what you’ve done man!!!

Lehi Hirini Aupouri

You had your days old dog.

Ronald Candelaria

His back looks thin. Great Hams and Abs.

Dustin Soest

See what happened is, he didn’t win.

Sammzz Yu

Xander Tan wadya think?

Kenny Chan

For his age he looks phenomenal. Too bad he can only achieve that through steroids

Windell Clark

yo are you serious? what went wrong? it’s called being old is hell (in the sports world) now if you participated in the Mr. Olympia senior division or something like that that’s different but when you go on up against the young guns hey brother you got to bring it

Marcin Nawracaj

There is only and the only blame – date of birth…