Regan Grimes Leaving Oxygen Gym To Become A “Weekend Warrior” aka Classic Physique

A few months back the Regan Grimes move to Kuwait to train at the Oxygen Gym by the famous “Camel Crew” . The move was quite a revelation, and it appeared that Grimes made the switch to more be competitive in the Open Weight Division.

But it seems that Grimes is no longer training at Oxygen Gym.

Multiple sources including Dave Palumbo, Luimarco and Bader Bodai the owner of the Oxygen Gym have confirmed that Regan Grimes is no longer training in Kuwait.

There is no official reason for his departure, but Grimes recent post on his official Instagram indicates he could be considering a drop to the Classic Physique division.

The talented young bodybuilder made a cryptic post on his Instagram page:

“Weekend Warrior 😂 Health and Longevity.. #ClassicBodybuilding #Rgarmy”

This could be confirmation of the rumors that have been circulating through the bodybuilding world.

Grimes appears to have had a change of heart about training out in Kuwait, and the following video maybe a significant clue:

“7+ meals… Only 4-hours of continuous sleep… Hard next-level workouts… Lots of anabolic chicken.”

Weekend Warrior?

Since making a few “openly honest opinions” about the Classic Physique division, Phil Heath has experienced a bit of blowback from both the fans and professional competitors alike. In the video, Phil Heath goes on to explain why he believes Classic Physique competitors will eventually find themselves making the move to Open Weight bodybuilding if they continue their career.

 What do you think Regan Grimes will move to the Classic Physique?

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