WATCH: John Cena’s Monster 240kg Squat on Leg Day

John Cena Squat

If you need some motivation to take your workouts up a notch just in time this video of John Cena doing 240 kg deadlifts — which is about 529 lbs.

WWE superstar John Cena is not only a great performer but he’s a strong, powerful guy. So on this #MotivationMonday video below, he snatches 529lbs with pretty good form.

Get pumped for your upcoming session with the iron with “The Prototype’s” post from a recent legs workout. Check out below:

Aside from the visual display of strength and determination, Cena also offers a few words of encouragement that all lifters should heed: Give your best each day and, of course, never give up.

And this isn’t just a case of a celebrity trying out a new hashtag to gain more followers—it’s something the actor, WWE superstar, and dedicated gym rat strongly believes. John credits much of his success to perseverance, and often backs it up with demonstrations like these:

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