Hadi Choopan Confirms He Is Out From Olympia 2018 Due To Travel Ban

Hadi will NOT be at the Olympia 2018
Hadi will NOT be at the Olympia 2018

Hadi Choopan will be unable to compete at the 2018 Mr. Olympia

A Travel Ban enforced by President Trump on several countries including Iran will keep Iranian native Hadi Choopan out of Olympia 2018. ‘The Persian Wolf’ Hadi won the IFBB Portugal Pro 2018 and was qualified to compete at Mr. Olympia.

Hadi is one bodybuilder who actually has a very good chance of defeating Flex Lewis and to become a new Men’s 212 champion. But due to the travel ban, he can’t compete in the United States.

Today, Hadi confirms that he will not be able to compete at the Olympia and shared a post on his Instagram and call the issue ‘Discrimination’. Check out below:

“It’s the manner of getting qualified for the show and not necessarily competing at the show as everyone’s body talks!

although discrimination may not let me be physically there, I am confident no one would be able to fill my spot!

Sometimes phenomenal must be presented when they deserve to!

I am sure my spot is reserved!”

This turn of events is truly unfortunate for the bodybuilding fans as it forces Hadi Choopan from having a platform to prove if he’s the best bodybuilder in the 212 division today. With Hadi is off of the board, it leaves one less challenge for reigning 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis to face.

Check out some of the posts from Hadi’s Insta:

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پروردگارا شكرت به همه خوبيهايي كه درحقم كردي 🙏🏼 پروردگارا شكرت كه همه اين دوستان وهوادارانم را شاد كردي🙏🏼 پروردگارا شكرت كه در پيش روي همه عالم روسفيدمان كردي🙏🏼 پروردگارا شكرت كه قضاوت بيجاي خيليها را ثابت كردي 🙏🏼 پروردگرا شكرت كه هستي وبودي وخواهيم بود🙏🏼پروردگارا تو مثل هميشه پشت وپناه همه هوادارانم دوستانم خانواده ام مربيهايم وتمام انان كه در اين راه من را راهي كردند باش وهمه اين عزيزان را به تو ميسپارم 🙏🏼

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