Ronnie Coleman: Flex Wheeler Advice on “Right Vitamins” is The Reason I Won My 1st Olympia

Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler

Ronnie Coleman says “Flex Wheeler is the reason I won Mr. Olympia”

Ronnie Coleman has been called by the GOAT, he is one the greatest bodybuilder in the bodybuilding history. While his heyday may have already passed, it hasn’t changed the work ethic that Ronnie Coleman possesses. All the injuries he’s sustained throughout his lifetime has done little to slow down the 8x Mr. Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman posted a video of him doing what he loves, along with the story that many of you most likely already know. It’s an interesting story – hard to imagine a time when Ronnie Coleman was struggling to win.

Ronnie writes, back in 1994, two years after becoming a pro he was in Germany on a European tour with legendary Flex Wheeler. Flex won both Germany and Paris show – but Coleman only landed sixth in both. Fed up from losing all the time, Coleman decided to ask Flex Wheeler for the help – how do you win so easily? The advice by Flex changes Ronnie’s entire bodybuilding career. Read the full story below:

“Back in 1994, I was sitting in my room in Frankfurt, Germany. We were doing a European tour at the time and of course, I wasn’t doing that good at the time. Flex Wheeler had just won the Arnold Classic and was Winning every show and the tour and he wasn’t even dieting.

He was eating cheeseburgers and subway sandwiches and here I was eating grilled chicken, grilled fish and just dieting my ass off.

So while sitting there in my room I decided I was gonna do what I did in college. If someone was smarter than me then I would always have study sessions with them and learn from them.

So I went and knocked on Flex’s door and asked if I could have a talk with him. I kinda got straight to the point and asked Flex exactly what he was taking to look so good and win all these shows.

I first told him what vitamins I was taking and at the time I was truly only taking vitamins. Well, Flex told me he was taking totally different vitamins than what I was taking.

So I took his advice, found books to read on what he was taking. Found out how to take what he was taking, found where to get what he was taking and got the stuff he was taking. After taking what he told me to take I won my very first pro show the next year the 1995 Montreal Pro show.

So until this day I’m forever grateful to Flex for his advice and he will always be my best friend in the whole world because he truly changed my life for the better.

A lot of people don’t know that he was also the reason I won my very 1st Olympia. That’s a story for another day.”

Ronnie Coleman, 54 is getting ready for another “corrective” surgery to fix 4 broken screws in his back. We wish Ronnie Coleman a fast and safe recovery!

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