BIG RAMY Apologizes To Fans For “Letting Them Down”

Big Ramy Apologizes
Big Ramy Apologizes

BIG RAMY “I’m Sorry For That”

At the 2018 Mr. Olympia fans around the world were expecting a tough battle between Big Ramy and Phil Heath, many fans of Ramy were expecting him to dethrone Phil Heath, and claiming the 2018 Mr. Olympia title. Going to the Olympia Big Ramy was a top fan favorite to challenge to win this year.

But unfortunately, Ramy didn’t bring the conditioning that everybody was expecting. Earlier at the ‘Meet The Olympians’ event, Big Ramy revealed he is coming in at 310 lbs and LEAN. That’s a crazy amount of weight & muscle… but at the prejudging and comparison rounds last night Ramy was not at his best.

Today just hours ago Ramy posted a heartfelt public apology to his fans on his Instagram account, Ramy wrote, he is very sorry for coming off and for letting his fans down…  check out the post below:

“Thank you everyone, for the ultimate support you show me through emails
And msgs.

I know most of you feel disappointed and angry and hate me.


Some say ramy you should do this and that and they dont know how hard and painful to be up on Olympia stage! With those amazing athletes .

I hear and read everything But you should know that i did my best GOD witness and the people around me know that.

It was very hard prep. I did everything i should do and follow. But from now on I will work to change everything. This will never stop me this will never happen again. God bless you all.”

Check out the prejudging photos of Big Ramy:

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If he was out conditioning but he has a lot of muscles, why isn’t good to compare the event?