Shawn Ray: Phil Heath knows why he lost the show, everything after that is just smoke and mirrors!

Hall of fame bodybuilder and expert Shawn Ray never holds back and always speaks his mind, he is an outspoken bodybuilder who is well known for his honest opinions in the bodybuilding community. So what did he think about Phil Heath’s recent interviews in which former seven-time Mr. Olympia seems to be a little bit baffled and still kind of confused and not really sure how or why he lost the Olympia, as Phil explain that even with the big bloated stomach he was better than Shawn Rhoden in numerous different poses… and has better physique overall.

In the above video, Shawn Ray unleashed and gives us his critique and in-depth analysis of how Phil Heath lost 2018, Mr. Olympia. According to Shawn, Phil lost because of his uncontrollable stomach and judges sent a ‘loud and clear message’ that if you don’t have a tight midsection ‘if it ain’t right good night’! Ray says he thinks deep down Phil knows why he lost Mr. Olympia!

“Let it be known there’s no confusion why Phil Heath lost Mr. Olympia…

he lost because of the stomach!

and the judges sent a loud and clear message that if you don’t have a tight
midsection if it ain’t right good night!”

Watch the above video for the complete analysis, do you agree with Shawn’s opinion that Heath’s major weak point – midsection cost him Mr.Olmpia? Let us know in the comments below!

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