Superwoman Amanda Lawrence Squats Better Than Many Male Competitors

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Women who lift big weights are not only a myth for a very long period of time. Amanda Lawrence, a 21-year-old weightlifter, set two unofficial World Records. During the past week (10th-14th October), she competed at USAPL Nationals, in Spokane, Washington.

This superwoman squatted an amazing 526 lbs! That is the weight even some male superstars can only dream of! When it comes to the deadlift, she did a great job with the score of 540 lbs! Unfortunately, she was placed second. Considering the fact this superwoman weighs only 84 kilograms, this is a fabulous result!

Yet, Amanda Lawrence wanted to go one step further. She decided to load the barbell with 550 lbs and give it a shot. Despite it was 24 lbs more than competition weight, she didn’t fail! You can see how her successful one repetition attempt looks like in an Instagram video below.

“In honor of missing my 3rd squat attempt on Sunday 🙃 #sandbagged #losttightness, here is my 550lb/250kg single I hit last month @ top secret. 😜 Didn’t lay it all out on the platform at Raw Nats, but there’s always next meet. 😈 Time to get back at it!! #ROADTO6WHEELS #ARNOLD2019 #UNLEASHTHEBEAST @a7intl @colewarren_shp”, Amanda wrote.

If you look her Instagram account thoroughly, you will notice that she lifted 496 pounds back in June 2018. It means this beast added 54 pounds in only four months! It is impossible to predict how much could her power grow.

Don’t forget, Arnold USA Powerlifting Championship closes in. It will be held from February 28th to March 3 next year. What do you think, can Amanda Lawrence lift more than 600 lbs?

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