Watch: Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Hit An Enormous 585-Pound Squat

She’s at it again!

Just a day after Christmas and 21-year-old Amanda Lawrence is already hitting PR’s in the gym. Her 585-pound squat makes most experienced lifters seem mediocre; however, the lift was by no means easy for her as there was a struggle to get it up.

But as long as she completes the rep, it counts! Now, considering she hit an impressive squat of 570 pounds a few weeks ago, this accomplishment shows just how much she has improved since then.

Watch her enormous squat below:

Lawrence has improved so much since June that her squat jumped 89 pounds (496 in June to 585 currently). She’s currently preparing for the Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships to take place at the end of February.

Will she complete a 600-pound squat? We’ll have to wait and see but at her current pace, it’s a very real possibility.

You can follow Amanda Lawrence at @miss.amanda.ann to stay in the loop with her training progress.

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