Ronnie Coleman Back In The Gym But Not Touching The Weights Just Yet

Ronnie Coleman Holidays

The eight-time Mr. Olympia may not be able to lift weights but he’s hitting the cardio just as hard.

We’re so used to seeing the “king” lift some seriously heavy weights in his competition days but everything comes to an end at some point. Ronnie Coleman has not lost his holiday spirit even though he is physically incapable of pounding the weights like usual but it’s still not stopping him from having intense cardio sessions.

In fact, he went from “lightweights” to “no weights” after his most recent surgery. Now, we all know he has had numerous back surgeries in the past, and his recovery wasn’t so successful due to him either working out too soon, a failed surgery or both (Both sides of the story have been argued as a possible cause).

It’s anyone’s guess but we won’t get too deep into that.

Anyway, here is King Coleman on Christmas day doing a little cardio…

“Aint nothing but a lonely Christmas day, in this gym by myself on Christmas day”.

Thankfully Coleman was just doing cardio this time as he expressed to his fans.

“All I’m doing is cardio just so you all know”

Hopefully, Ronnie Coleman can stay away from the weights long enough this time to fully heal. If he wants to touch the weights again it’ll be in his best interest to do so. He’s the quite the dedicated warrior and we wish Coleman all the best with healthy days ahead.

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