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Top 11 Best DHEA Supplements (Summer 2022)

Learn everything there is to learn about DHEA and check out the best DHEA supplements on the market. 
Vidur Saini

Written by Vidur Saini

Last Updated onJuly 12th, 2022

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DHEA, also known as dehydroepiandrosterone, is an endogenous steroid hormone precursor produced in the adrenal glands, gonads, and the brain. It is one of the most abundant circulating steroids in humans. Furthermore, DHEA can improve the production of testosterone and estrogen — the male and female sex hormones. 

DHEA supplements can help optimize your hormone levels, helping improve your overall health and physique aesthetics. Plus, it can improve cognitive function, increase bone density, improve sexual function, correct hormonal problems, and has anti-aging properties.

Top 11 Best DHEA Supplements Tested/Ranked:

  1. Best Overall: Horbäach DHEA
  2. Best Quality: Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA
  3. Best Moderate Dose DHEA: Havasu Nutrition DHEA
  4. Best for Strength: NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA
  5. Best for Beginners: Natrol DHEA
  6. Best for Vegans: Life Extension DHEA
  7. Best Third-Party Tested: Double Wood Supplement DHEA
  8. Best for Boosting Mood: Truevantage Nutrition Store DHEA
  9. Best for Women: Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F
  10. Best Liquid Form DHEA: Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA
  11. Best DHEA Cream: BIOLabs Pro DHEA

How Much Do the Best DHEA Supplements Cost?

The best DHEA supplements range between $13.27 to $53.97 per container, translating to a $0.06 to $0.77 per serving cost. Considering one of the best DHEA products on the market has a maximum $0.77 per serving cost, it’d be safe to say it is a relatively budget-friendly supp. 

Here’s a breakdown of the prices of the best DHEA supplements and what we like about them:

CategoryProductNameDHEA (in mg)PricePer ServingWhy We Love It
Best OverallHorbäach DHEA SupplementsHorbäach DHEA100$18.98$0.09Delivers on what it promises. Arguably the most versatile DHEA product on the market. 
Best QualitySuperior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA supplementsSuperior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA100$24.95$0.41One of the highest quality DHEA supps money can buy. 
Best Moderate Dose DHEAHavasu Nutrition DHEA supplementsHavasu Nutrition DHEA50$16.19$0.26A pure, effective, and no-nonsense DHEA supplement.
Best BioavailableNaturebell Maximum Strength DHEA SupplementsNatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA100$21.95$0.10Arguably the most highly-absorbable capsule-form DHEA supp on the list. 
Best for BeginnersNatrol DHEA SupplementsNatrol DHEA25$18.99$0.06A low-dose DHEA supp that is great for beginners.
Best for VegansLife Extension DHEALife Extension DHEA100$13.27$0.22One of the best DHEA supps for vegans. High quality and effective. 
Best Third-Party TestedDouble Wood Supplement DHEADouble Wood Supplements DHEA100$22.46$0.12People who want the highest-quality supplements cannot go wrong with this product. 
Best for Boosting MoodTruevantage Nutrition Store DheaTruevantage Nutrition DHEA100$20.89$0.69An effective mood-enhancing DHEA supplement.
Best for WomenNature S Sunshine DHEA-FNature’s Sunshine DHEA-F25$37.29$0.37A multi-ingredient formula designed for women. 
Best Liquid Form DHEAFirewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA supplementsFirewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA25$19.80$0.66Versatile DHEA supp that can be stacked with other supplements.
Best DHEA CreamBiolabs Pro DHEABIOLabs Pro DHEA50$53.97$0.77A highly-bioavailable product that comes in a cream form. 

Top 11 Best DHEA Supplements

Given below are the best DHEA supps in various categories:

Best Overall

The best overall DHEA supplement delivers a solid dose of DHEA per serving and contains high-quality ingredients. Horbäach DHEA is our pick for the best overall DHEA supp as it has the best ingredients, maintains high-quality standards, is the most budget-friendly product on the list, and is the most highly reviewed supp on Amazon.

Horbäach DHEA

Horbäach DHEA Supplements
Horbäach DHEA

Horbäach DHEA is the best DHEA supp in every sense of the word. It is the highest-rated DHEA supplement on Amazon and delivers the best bang for your buck with a $0.09 per serving cost. 

Each bottle of the supp contains 200 capsules, delivering 100 mg of pure dehydroepiandrosterone per serving. As per the Amazon reviews, customers report improved muscle size, enhanced mood, and cognitive and sexual function after using this supplement.

The brand recommends taking one capsule a day, preferably with a meal or as directed by your physician. 

The product is free from yeast, gluten, lactose, and artificial colors and flavors. Furthermore, it is non-GMO and made from DHEA sources that have passed the company’s stringent purity standards.

Who Should Buy Horbäach DHEA?

  • Folks who want the best bang for their buck. 
  • People who prefer a quick-release formula.
  • People who want a 100 mg per capsule product. 

Who Should Not Buy Horbäach DHEA?

  • Vegans, as the capsules are made of gelatin. Gelatin is commonly derived from collagen from animal body parts.


Horbäach DHEA Coupon

Horbäach DHEA is hands down one of the best DHEA supplements on the market. It ticks all the right boxes and delivers on what it promises. 

Best Quality

If you prefer buying supplements from a brand that doesn’t compromise on its quality, you cannot go wrong with the Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA. 

Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA

Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA supplements
Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA

In our books, Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA gave Horbäach DHEA a run for its money for the top spot. It contains the purest ingredients and doesn’t include fillers to spike the capsule contents. 

Furthermore, besides the regular DHEA properties, including improving your hormone and energy levels, muscle mass, cognitive function, bone density, and libido, it also claims to support your immune system.

Superior Labs takes its manufacturing process seriously and prides itself on not using unnecessary additives such as stearates, dioxides, glycerides, or fillers to make manufacturing cheaper, faster, and easier.

The company stands behind its product and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, issued within 48 hours or less of raising a claim. 

Who Should Buy Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA?

  • Vegans.
  • Folks who want the highest quality DHEA supplement.

Who Should Not Buy Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA?

  • People who don’t want a capsule form supp. 


Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA Coupon

Superior Labs Extra Strength Natural DHEA is a no-nonsense product and contains the finest ingredients. The supp comes with a no questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Best Moderate Dose DHEA

While DHEA supps on the market deliver anywhere between 10-500 mg of DHEA, a common dose is 25–50 mg per day. Havasu Nutrition DHEA delivers 50 mg of the compound, promotes healthy aging, and boosts energy levels and mood. [1]

Havasu Nutrition DHEA

Havasu Nutrition DHEA supplements
Havasu Nutrition DHEA

Havasu Nutrition DHEA is a highly rated DHEA supp known for its quality and energy-boosting capabilities. The formula contains 50 mg of DHAA, rice flour, and gelatin (capsule). 

Each bottle of the supplements delivers 60 capsules. The brand recommends taking one cap a day, preferably with a meal. The product does not contain preservatives, chemicals, or sugars; it also undergoes stringent third-party testing to ensure quality. 

Who Should Buy Havasu Nutrition DHEA?

  • People who want a moderately dosed DHEA supp. 
  • Folks who want to stack the DHEA supplement with other products.

Who Should Not Buy Havasu Nutrition DHEA?

  • Those who want a high-dosed supp.
  • Vegans.


Havasu Nutrition DHEA Coupon

Havasu Nutrition DHEA is one of the highest-rated DHEA supps on Amazon and is known for its quality and energy-boosting capabilities.

Best Bioavailable

It doesn’t matter how many ingredients are in a supplement — if the formula is not optimized for quick absorption, your body will throw it out. 

NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA

Naturebell Maximum Strength DHEA Supplements
Naturebell Maximum Strength DHEA

NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA contains micronized DHEA, making it easier for your body to absorb the compound and helping you get the most out of the supplement. 

A bottle of NatureBell DHEA contains 200 servings, making it one of the most budget-friendly products on the market. The company recommends taking one cap a day, preferably with a meal or as advised by your healthcare professional. 

Who Should Buy NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA?

  • People with digestive issues.
  • Folks on a stringent budget. 

Who Should Not Buy NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA?

  • Vegans


NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA Coupon

NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA is a highly-absorbable supplement that is free of GMOs, gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, or tree nuts.

Best for Beginners

Most DHEA supplements on the market contain 100 mg of the compound, which might be too much for beginners. If you’re a new lifter or trying DHEA supps for the first time, you should start with a low-dosed supp like Natrol DHEA to test your tolerance. 

Natrol DHEA

Natrol DHEA Supplements
Natrol DHEA

Natrol DHEA delivers 25 mg of the compound in a single serving and is designed to promote balanced hormone levels to improve your mood and reduce stress. It is also one of the few tablet-formed DHEA supps on the market. 

Besides 25 mg of DHEA, the supp also contains 50 mg of calcium. The brand recommends taking one capsule a day, translating to 300 servings per bottle. 

While Natrol DHEA has the lowest per serving cost on the list, it delivers a quarter of DHEA content compared to supps like Horbäach DHEA. 

Who Should Buy NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA?

  • Beginners or first-time DHEA users.
  • People who do not want a capsule-form DHEA supp.

Who Should Not Buy NatureBell Maximum Strength DHEA?

  • Advanced users.


Natrol DHEA Coupon

Since DHEA is a hormonal supplement, it is best to start with the smallest dose to test your tolerance. Natrol DHEA is a high-quality supp that delivers 25 mg of DHEA in every serving. 

Best for Vegans

Many companies use gelatin in their capsules. It is derived from collagen from animal body parts, usually cows and pigs, making them unfit for vegans.

Life Extension DHEA

Life Extension DHEA
Life Extension DHEA

Life Extension is an established brand, and their DHEA supplement doesn’t disappoint. It supports memory, mood, cognition, and overall brain health.

Life Extension doesn’t compromise on its supplement ingredients and uses vegetable cellulose for its capsules. The product is certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and manufactured in the USA.

Who Should Buy Life Extension DHEA?

  • Vegans.

Who Should Not Buy Life Extension DHEA?

  • Folks who want a low-dose DHEA variant.


Life Extension DHEA Coupon

Life Extension DHEA is a vegan-friendly supp that supports memory, mood, cognition, and overall brain health.

Best Third-Party Tested

Third-party tests are one of the best ways of ensuring product quality. It is a seal of a surety that what’s on the label is exactly what you’ll be getting with each serving. 

Double Wood Supplements DHEA

Double Wood Supplement DHEA
Double Wood Supplement DHEA

Double Wood Supplements is one of the most-trusted supplement brands in the industry. It delivers high-quality products that are third-parted tested and GMP quality certified. 

Furthermore, Double Wood Supplements is one of the most transparent supplement brands. It comes with lab report dates and locations of testing, so you can trust what you see on the label. 

Who Should Buy Double Wood Supplements DHEA?

  • Folks who want to buy the highest quality supplements. 

Who Should Not Buy Double Wood Supplements DHEA?

  • Vegans


Double Wood Supplements DHEA Coupon

Double Wood Supplements is a trusted brand and its DHEA supp doesn't disappoint. It adheres to the highest manufacturing and quality practices. 

Best for Boosting Mood

If you want a supplement that improves mood and cognitive function, Truevantage Nutrition DHEA is a great fit as it contains pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone that plays a key role in the production of other hormones, including progesterone, DHEA, and estrogen.

Truevantage Nutrition DHEA

Truevantage Nutrition Store Dhea
Truevantage Nutrition Store DHEA

Truevantage Nutrition DHEA contains 100 mg of DHEA and 60 mg of pregnenolone. The formula enhances focus and healthy brain function, improves mood, focus, sleep, and metabolism, and promotes healthy hormone balance.

The brand recommends taking two caps of the product with food every day, which will make the 60 capsule bottle last you a month. 

Who Should Buy Truevantage Nutrition DHEA?

  • People who want to improve their cognitive abilities.

Who Should Not Buy Truevantage Nutrition DHEA?

  • People on a shoestring budget.
  • Serious bodybuilders. 


Truevantage Nutrition DHEA Coupon

A single serving of Truevantage Nutrition DHEA delivers 100 mg of DHEA and 60 mg of pregnenolone, enhancing focus and healthy brain function, improving mood, focus, sleep, and metabolism, and promoting healthy hormone balance.

Best for Women

Men and women have different hormone levels, yet only a few DHEA supplements cater to the female audience.

Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F

Nature S Sunshine DHEA-F
Nature S Sunshine DHEA-F

Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F’s formula contains 25 mg of DHEA and 327 mg of a proprietary blend consisting of wild yam root, false unicorn root, and chaste tree berry extract. 

The supplement supports the female glandular system. Each bottle contains 100 capsules, and the brand recommends taking one cap with food every day. 

Who Should Buy Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F?

  • Women trying to improve their DHEA levels.

Who Should Not Buy Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F?

  • Men


Nature’s Sunshine DHEA-F Coupon

Nature's Sunshine DHEA-F is a multi-ingredient DHEA formula designed to support the female glandular system. 

Best Liquid Form DHEA

Most DHEA supplements on the market are in capsule form. However, the Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA breaks the mold with its liquid form DHEA. 

Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA

Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA supplements
Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA

The liquid form of DHEA is arguably more bioavailable than the capsule or tablet form of the supplement. It can be added to your post-workout shake or favorite beverages.

The product is naturally sweet-tasting, contains no fillers or artificial flavors, is highly absorbable, and is incredibly versatile. 

Who Should Buy Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA?

  • Folks who like to stack their supplements.

Who Should Not Buy Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA?

  • People who want a capsule or tablet form supp. 


Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA Coupon

Firewaterstar Health Supplements DHEA is arguably the most bioavailable DHEA supplement on the market. The versatile supp can be added to your post-workout shake or your favorite beverage. 

Best DHEA Cream

DHEA cream is a convenient DHEA supplement form that can be applied to your inner forearm, arm, chest, or thigh. 


Biolabs Pro DHEA
Biolabs Pro DHEA

Per the brand, DHEA cream is five-time more effective than pills. The Natural Bioidentical DHEA 50 Cream contains MSM, aloe vera, shea butter, & coconut oil for fast absorption. 

The cream penetrates your bloodstream quickly and far more efficiently than a pill or powder, which travels through your digestive tract and is broken down in the liver.

Each bottle of BIOLabs Pro DHEA contains 70 50 mg pumps. The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Who Should Buy BIOLabs Pro DHEA?

  • People who want DHEA in the cream form. 

Who Should Not Buy BIOLabs Pro DHEA?

  • Folks who want a capsule, tablet, or liquid form supp. 


BIOLabs Pro DHEA Coupon

BIOLabs Pro DHEA is a maximum strength DHEA formula that comes in a cream form. The high-quality product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

What is DHEA?

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body, some of which is converted into the male and female sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Natural DHEA levels decrease as you age, leading to several diseases. Furthermore, research has found that DHEA decreases by up to 80 percent throughout adulthood. The fall in DHEA levels usually begins at the age of 30. [2]

Heart disease and depression are some health issues associated with low DHEA levels. However, supplementing with DHEA can help overcome and avoid these problems.

Supplementing with DHEA increases your natural DHEA levels. Plus, some of the DHA is converted into testosterone and estrogen. [3]

What to Look For in a DHEA Supplement

Most DHEA supplements on the market are generic single-ingredient supps. However, here are the things you should keep in mind before making a purchase:

  1. HMB Dosage: DHEA doses vary between 25 to 100 mg. You should select a product as per your tolerance. 
  2. Gelatin: The presence of gelatin might be a cause for concern for vegans as it is derived from collagen taken from animal body parts.
  3. Brand: Hormonal supplements like DHEA should be bought from a trustworthy brand.

How We Ranked the Best DHEA Supplements

We used the following criteria to pick the best DHEA supps:

  1. Third-Party Testing: Since the DHEA supplement ingredient list is rather straightforward, we relied on third-party tests to confirm the quality of a product. 
  2. Value: We looked at each supplement’s ingredient list, number of servings, serving size, and overall effects to judge if it is worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Benefits of DHEA Supplements

The benefits of supplementing with DHEA include:

Can Help Correct Some Adrenal Problems

The adrenal glands are just above your kidneys and are the primary producers of DHEA. Some individuals have a condition called adrenal insufficiency, wherein their adrenal glands cannot produce the normal amount of hormones.

Studies have found that supplementing with DHEA can help treat symptoms of adrenal insufficiency and improve the quality of life in these individuals. [4]

Might Increase Bone Density

Low DHEA levels are associated with lower bone density and can increase your risk of bone fracture. Furthermore, DHEA levels decrease with age and make the situation worse. 

Studies have found supplementing with DHEA for one to two years can improve bone density. [5]

Helps Fight Depression

A study shows that supplementing with DHEA can aid in treating depression, especially in individuals with mild depression or those who don’t respond to normal treatment. [6]

Notably, the effect of DHEA on depression is questionable as several studies have found no effect of the compound on people suffering from the health issue. 

Improves Sexual Function, Fertility, and Libido

DHEA improves testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women, leading to better sexual function and libido. [7]

Has Anti-Aging Properties

Since DHEA levels decline with age, some experts speculate that supplementing with the compound might help fight aging. 

DHEA supplements have been safely used in studies for up to two years without severe side effects. [1]

A dose of 50 mg per day has been safely used for one year and 25 mg per day for two years. However, most brands on the market deliver a 100 mg dose, and more research is needed to ascertain the most optimal DHEA dosage. [1]

Minor side effects of supplementing with DHEA include greasy skin, acne, and increased hair growth in the armpits and pubic area. Notably, DHEA supplements should not be used by individuals with cancers affected by sex hormones. [8]


Does supplementing with DHEA improve strength and muscle mass?

Since DHEA can improve testosterone levels, many believe it can help improve strength and muscle mass. However, several studies show taking DHEA supplements does not increase muscle mass or performance. [9]

Is DHEA effective in burning body fat?

While a majority of research indicates that DHEA is not effective at reducing body fat, a study found that DHEA decreased fat mass by about four percent over four months in patients with adrenal gland problems. [9] [10]

When is the best time to take a DHEA supplement?

There is no fixed or recommended time to take a DHEA supplement for optimal results, and more research is needed on the subject. However, most brands suggest taking it with a meal during the day. 

Wrapping Up

Supplementing with DHEA can improve cognitive function, increase bone density, improve sexual function, correct hormonal problems, and has anti-aging properties.

However, the effects of DHEA supplements are best seen in people with low DHEA levels, certain health conditions, or after the age of 30. Finally, if you’re on the market for a DHEA supplement, we recommend going with Horbäach DHEA — you won’t be disappointed. 

Note: The content on Fitness Volt is for informative purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice to diagnose, prevent, and/or treat health problems. If you’re suffering from a health issue, are pregnant, or are under 18 years old, you should consult your physician before starting any new supplement, nutrition, or fitness routine.


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