WATCH: Brian Shaw Eat 12,000+ Calories A Day – Prepping For World’s Strongest Man 2017

Brian Shaw Eat 12,000+ Calories A Day

Strongmen are known for their size and strength, and no surprise that their diets can also be extreme. For the first time, Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man, shared a full day of eating ahead of the World’s Strongest Man 2017 competition, which begins on May 20.

Six-foot-eight, 435-pound Strongman Brian Shaw’s dinner is probably more calories than you eat in an entire day.

Reigning World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw is going for his fifth title this year, he’s done everything he can to prepare for his title defense. Part of his preparation has been gaining weight, size, and strength, and gaining size when you’re already 6’8″ and well over 400lb is no easy task.

Shaw says: “This diet is to make me as strong as I possibly can, so it’s not the Mark Bell no-carb diet, I’m just eating to be the strongest human being on the planet.”

Shaw makes your entire day of eating look like an afternoon snack and he cooks it all himself.

With World’s Strongest Man going down next week, Shaw will need all the strength, size, and prep he can get to take on Zydrunas Savickas, Eddie Hall, and Hafthor Bjornsson.

Shaw tries to season food well to make it easier to eat. His nutritionist, Nathan Payton, gives him some freedom, but he ensures that every meal throughout the day has the protein and carbs that Shaw needs to support his intense training. Watch the full video below:

Full Day of Eating (12,000+ calories)

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