Breaking News: Junior IFBB World Champ Dies After Botched Back Flip – Graphic Video

Another sad new for the bodybuilding world. Sifiso Lungelo Thabethe a young South African bodybuilder and IFBB Junior World Champion suffered an unfortunate fate as he sustained a broken neck while attempting a back flip.

The incident took place this past Saturday during a local bodybuilding event in Thabethe’s hometown of Emlazi.

In a video that’s gone viral, bodybuilder Thabethe is seen entering a gymnasium and walking to a gym mat while whipping up the crowd to get them cheering.

The 23-year-old competitor then ran to the middle of the mat and jumped in the air to attempt the back flip.

But his body never gained enough momentum to rotate and Thabethe landed on the back of his head. His body then rolled over and the man laid motionless on the mat before several people rushed to help.

According to the U.K. Mirror,  Thabethe broke his neck and later died of his injuries.

Thabethe was an IFBB junior world champion in the up to 75kg category. He most recently won the IFBB Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix competition in July in the under-23, 75kg division.

According to Muscle Evolution magazine Thabethe “was described by many as a young man with a bright future”.

WARNING: Graphic video

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Comments 826

  1. Why couldn’t he just accept victory and raise his hands like a true champ? Look what happens when you do crossfit stuff..a shame though.

  2. Avatar Esko Silva says:

    Dam it shit fuck

  3. Isn’t that how big ramy got injured

  4. Michael Baeza

  5. Looks like your website can’t handle the traffic.

  6. Such a shame, really good guy & it’s a pity things turned out the way they did. We gonna miss u in the gym big guy. RIP sfiso

  7. terribly sad…Thoughts are with his family.

  8. Amber Renae Peck Tim Wynn

  9. Thats a horrible way to go out..

  10. Link doesn’t work

  11. RIP but how can muscle man do acrobatics and summersaults look at his muscle . That’s double coincidence of wants

  12. Sam Valashjardi Chris St Daniel Andersson Shiiet, han dog

  13. Avatar Abe Martin says:

    Wow RIP young man

  14. I can’t support drug use in those under 25 years old .. sorry for loss

  15. Greg Taylor saw this before. Why. Why. Why. ‍♂️

  16. Video is on YouTube

  17. Matt Ryan yo he really died bro!???

  18. Not really breaking news when it happened 7days ago

  19. Avatar Joost Puls says:

    Dave Schilder Jimi Duiveman

  20. Alex Prajisteanu lol

  21. Avatar Brett Baty says:

    Ernest Smith

  22. worst back flip ever.

  23. Just saw the video of it

  24. Pito Ketjap Louisa

  25. Avatar Mike Nhari says:

    Richard Sauta

  26. Patrick Berg Jeff Hobbs

  27. Avatar Jeff York says:

    Damn. He wasn’t even close.

  28. Avatar Seth Coker says:

    When did the ifbb have a junior division isn’t npc

  29. Jorge Antonio 🙁

  30. Avatar Seth Coker says:

    I am sorry for the loss I was just asking

  31. Russ Sherman take note

  32. Kam Gallman Daryl Carter Jordan G Stevens Pauly Miquel – crazy yo!

  33. Michael Hairston Pnba Pro sad brother

  34. Mirko Pietra Salvatore Iadicola

  35. Declan Calvey wtff

  36. Poor fucking guy… Poor family. God have mercy on us all.

  37. That was saddening

  38. Isn’t that crazy! It looked like it hurt in the video, I would have never guessed he would die from that though.

  39. Avatar Jeff Smith says:

    Forgot to train his neck

  40. Odracir Zechnas Holy shit, this is tragic…

  41. Avatar Si To says:

    Tom Bruce

  42. That was dumb

  43. Charlotte Tilley

  44. Wtf Deniz Maikel Peter

  45. Darwin award…

  46. Matthew Hollingsworth

  47. Avatar Bil Bil says:

    C’est sale Mmld Ibn Cheikh Chancel Gatsoni

  48. Freddy Raphael Gonzalez and this is why i always been nervous about doing back flips

  49. Blanche Barton

  50. Reginald Brazy Jiles

  51. Dódo Stavrev

  52. Top 100 stupid way to die

  53. did he practice?

  54. Jeffry Vrijhof Elroy Borst

  55. Has he ever completed just one back flip before in his life❓❓❓If not then why try now cause that looked like no where in what he attempted in doing ‼️

  56. The kid still has baby teeth in his mouth. What a shame.

  57. Cyprian Poema Kurzac fuck

  58. babe!!! Amanda Beth Sutherlandis this the video we watched!!!???

  59. Avatar Jesse Vila says:

    Vinnie Nieves he died


  61. Mostafa El Hodaiby

  62. Assad Marwat Ahmed Bilal

  63. Avatar Tony Ward says:

    Tee Sinclair

  64. Like what the hell is happening here?
    First we have ct fletcher at the hospital, then rich piana and then what else do we have here?

  65. Roelly did it to

  66. That’s one way to kill your ego

  67. Yo that was real

  68. Why is this still being shown everywhere. He died as a result of this. Disrespectful IMO.

  69. Alfonso Patterson. Yo that dude died!!! The one with the backflip

  70. Paul Brady Michael Johnston

  71. Avatar Greg Fitz says:

    Allen Marshall

  72. Gijs van den Munckhof

  73. Matthew Coleman watch the video

  74. Wow that’s crazy

  75. Brenton Lovelace

  76. So sad, so sad. . .

  77. Avatar Nick Pham says:

    Matthew Pham,Sean Gardiner won and died so fast…

  78. Gaëtan Detaille regarde la vidéo jtavai déjà identifié il est mort enfaite

  79. Ashendren Naidoo

  80. Joey Sparacino

  81. Back flips and this muscle just don’t go

  82. TeronPurnell Houston How swak is this

  83. Brett Francois Nash

  84. This the type of shit that scares me whenever I see Roelly doing a backflip.

  85. Ryan Kitt-geraghty

  86. Jay Bazuka damn check da filmptje 😮

  87. Nick Martinez where are you liking this

  88. Dennis Moses Finnegan Trotter

  89. Aaron Wallis-Smith

  90. Tyler Billings

  91. Avatar Ben Bentz says:

    Joey Wilson

  92. RIP… I dont really know you. All i know is that you had a bright future. Big fan base and humble human being,inspired a lot of people . Praying for your family and friends. May you Rest in Peace Brother. God is with you.

  93. Avatar Corne Uys says:

    Dudley Holmes

  94. Such a shame…… Sad to see a young man go like this 🙁

  95. Fabio PereiraJonathan Boileau rip

  96. Sorry for the loss, but……that was a dumb decision.

  97. Rickey Williams Paul Williams

  98. Criselda Coronado

  99. Zach Horsfield Jeffrey Baker

  100. Avatar Dan Howard says:

    Chris Dinning watch video

  101. Avatar John Paul says:

    Steven Guzman

  102. Sawyer Saeugling damn that’s gnarly

  103. Omri Roets hier’s daai storie wat ek jou gisteraand van vertel het.

  104. Vergil A. Intino

  105. Randy A. Intino

  106. Fidelberto Masongsong

  107. Pierre de Villiers

  108. Back flip into heaven or hell the gods must be proud.

  109. Steven Row Colin Teychenne

  110. Logan Sinclair

  111. Shit… Lachlan Cambridge

  112. Badeata Alexandru

  113. Donovan William Alexander Rannachan

  114. Avatar Jimmy Haha says:

    Dimitri Markov abusé :O

  115. Avatar Teka Ruku says:

    Hahahahahhahahahhaahaha SERIOUSLY!?

  116. Ben Adam Michael Bellamy lol

  117. Cayo GomesFilipi Paiva seje burro amiginho, qeire aparecer…. Fase mortal com mais peso que agenta…

  118. Ali Abu Ghazaleh
    انجعق زياده عن اللزوم فمات

  119. Brendan Albertse William Farrant Cameron Maynard Brett du Toit Luke Croshaw Siye Ndwandwe Matt Watts

  120. Richard James Milich

  121. Marko Scholtholt ma do is aus

  122. Michael Brandon Jondavis B Nabo Earl Navarro Biondi Santi Saba.. isayaw nlng natin..

  123. Avatar Luke Tabor says:

    Harrison Coker

  124. That’s sad. I feel bad for his family

  125. Avatar Zac Hare says:

    Madison Caitlin

  126. Kevin Lang Chris Ronaldo

  127. Omg he died after that?!

  128. Avatar Boen Olson says:

    Jamiah Bowden

  129. MohammedChakouk

  130. Avatar Don Jon says:

    Kyle Drugan

  131. Med Yahya Bensalah

  132. Abbie Rose Jenkins don’t backflip if you win..

  133. Mario Gabriel Daniel mann wtf

  134. Avatar Andy Haigh says:

    Marian Sramko

  135. Desiree Rose Clark haha Jesus! No backflips!

  136. Jonathan Marcelo

  137. Nicholas no more flips mate

  138. Keegan Watkins Drew Good

  139. Mel M Mulenga saw this yesterday I didn’t realise he died. Shit!

  140. Antonio R. Rodriguez mira murió

  141. That’s crazy, and sad. Rip

  142. Amanda Lozano-Rios

  143. I give that landing a 1.

  144. Daniel Mićić

  145. Avatar Huck Mole says:

    Silly games silly prizes

  146. Darryl, I’m betting that chick in that handstand video died, too. This is way too bad.

  147. Jack Kottwitz looks like he died

  148. Rosalio Gastelum Oscar Eduardo Gastelum

  149. Mike Harris bruh is this the video you shared????

  150. Kyle Habib well that’s a shitty fucking way to go…

  151. Avatar Gage Bader says:

    Doug Whitaker

  152. Avatar Ivan Munoz says:

    Vanessa De Alejandro he really died from that back flip

  153. Blake Henderson Brad Paul
    He died

  154. Emerson Zanfra ser palhaço as vezes não conta, o ponto de pose te dá mais valor numérico no resultado final, mas raramente é ponto sificiente pra te fazer lebar um título, foi dar um back flip, caiu mal e morreu, e o burro era campeão da categoria dele. Vê o video.

  155. Carlos Garcia, I am I still alive after my last flip fail?

  156. Alfredo Monreal

  157. Avatar Shaun Dear says:

    Shane Davis Bradley Webb

  158. Justin Bain Cody Stewart

  159. Avatar Sami Sami says:

    Karl Kreischer

  160. Iwelín Ilíew брат вижжж

  161. Arthur Esqueda Robert Martinez

  162. Thomas Arms… I told you he prob would

  163. Teagan Martin.

  164. At least he died happy and doing what he loved doing, quick dead, no suffering. RIP.

  165. James WoodsAlexander Best what a moronic jump doe

  166. Shari Allira Brown, fuck poor guy died after that attempt at a back flip

  167. Lifts weights that could crush his chest but dies attempting a backflip. The irony

  168. Jasmin Siguenza

  169. Sean Michael damnnnn

  170. Adan Flores Inda dígale al Adan ke le gustan los backflips

  171. Adam Mohanna wtf

  172. Avatar Tai Nguyen says:

    Eugene Cavanagh, Luke Joe

  173. Hsu Jey well fuck my dream of doing a backflip, poor dude, he was jacked

    • Avatar Hsu Jey says:

      I saw that but didn’t know he had died. Damn, luckily i fulfilled my backflipping days in HS

  174. Wtf Jacob Doglione

  175. Steve Lenard Richard Gonzales

  176. Avatar Chris Park says:

    Brent Short Jonty Guy this is brutal

  177. Jason Ringuette

  178. Ashley Hughes, he was a bber.

  179. Adam Franklin Melvin Barnett that sux!

  180. Ronnie Bledsoe he died bro!! This the dude wth the back flip

  181. Isu samet dyty jy binuya ta manong James

  182. Alejandro Valentino Wickersham wtf

  183. Lol alot of intelligence in this thread….

  184. Avatar Nick James says:

    Hartini Gellang jezzzzz

  185. Tarun Męħëŕ you might wanna watch out for your stunts :p

  186. why would he ry to do a backflip without any clear ability to do so?

  187. Brandon Herroz

  188. Harley Johnstone

  189. Carlo Paparo Alessandro Cordoba Alexander Robibaro Mirna Zanzoul Dino Tomić Sean Minto

  190. Died winning?? Worth it!

  191. Oscar Herrera dio la pinga q bolas marico

  192. Jesse McCauley Shawn Abeysiri

  193. Avatar Scott Ali says:

    Ryan Davidson Crews W. Taylor IV …this why I won’t dive

  194. Avatar Zak Wilks says:

    Shane Rennick

  195. Anthony Batista

  196. Avatar Jon Maude says:

    That’s what they call “thinning out the herd”

  197. Melissa Dépatie ☹️

  198. Zoe Courouzou if only he could have that moment “back” again RIP

  199. Avatar JC Wave says:

    Kenneth Leonardo

  200. Miles Koldewyn

  201. That’s really sad. Sorry for the family and friends.
    Here for ppl who say he couldn’t do backflips…

  202. My condolences to the family of this young man

  203. Firoz Khan see bro talking about death last night told u it’s really unpredictable

  204. Such a shame. No one deserves to go out like that. Then you see some of these comments on here that’s just totally disrespectful. A man died people. Have some fucking respect or crawl back into that shit hole you managed to come out from as that’s where you belong if you can’t be decent. I hope no one ever has to go to your family and give them the bad news. Thanks… have a good day.

  205. Damn…RIP young man…life really

  206. Gabe Bejines fuck

  207. That is so sad. I feel horrible for him.

  208. Nick Quach Back cmn flip nà

  209. Diệp Phong Thanh Quang Vinh Lương Viet Quan Khoa Nguyen Vũ Hoài

  210. It’s sad
    No that it Matters now
    I think it was because he had socks on he feet didn’t have good grip on the floor
    Very sad

  211. Jacob Cheligoy Kyle Hura Lucas Kurowski

  212. Patrick Mhlongo Cj Gresse

    • Lol I sow this video mate but I didn’t think its was this guy. I tot he collapsed after a competing on stage with other bodybuilders but shame this went terribly wrong

  213. Avatar Jay Dee says:

    Nuri Duraku What a way to go

  214. Johnathan van Wyk Waldo Hansen

  215. Josh Marshall never let your expectations get ahead of ability

  216. Ủa die rồi hả

  217. Avatar Neil Virgo says:

    Chris McGowan Reece Abela Scott Moloney Cory Rutland James Polychrone

  218. Jurjen van Vugt Jeroen Danielsson

  219. John Chng Zhiqiang

  220. Avatar Dan Wins says:

    David Channer Ian Mitchell-Gill

  221. It looked like he hesitated in the air

  222. Ralph Geffrin Ward Mahmoud Jounblat

  223. Avatar Josh Short says:

    James McNair and that’s why we don’t backflip kids

  224. Avatar Mitch Bell says:

    Dion Sgherza

  225. Avatar