If you haven’t heard of him before, Mike O’Hearn is a man to be respected. He has been an athlete his entire life and has the credentials to prove it. Winning multiple natural bodybuilding competitions as well as being a proclaimed judo and taekwondo specialist, O’Hearn has garnered a great deal of respect within the fitness world for his accomplishments.

The whole bodybuilding community showed their concern & support for Rich Piana, who according to reports is in a medically induced coma.

In the above video, Mike shares his views on steroids and gives advice to the young bodybuilders.

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  1. First off I almost guarantee this will be prescription drug related and not because of “juice”. Im not saying that peds arent 100 percent safe at all either. You can tell rich is the kind of guy behind the scenes that likes his recreational drugs and also has plenty of inner demons. Hope the guy makes it and makes the changes he needs to be happy.

    • I use to like Mike but he honestly turns my stomach watching him iin this vid talk about how he’s never taken drugs and steroids are so bad for you like he’s trying to fool someone gimme a break your 6’3 and like 270 and 6% body fat year round while squatting and deadlifting near national record level weights.. like is he that big of a douche or is he just trying to fool himself

    • He’s that big of a douche. Ronnie Coleman himself has admitted to taking gear and now paying the price by his body falling apart , but he also won 8 Olympias. True beast and have always liked big Ron

    • Oh I know they all take it, I don’t have a problem with it at all.. what I do have a problem with is Mike O’Hearn acting like he’s so genetically superior that he is almost the same size as IFBB pros that are juicing and he’s natural.. it’s like a slap in the face

    • Jorge Alvarez who cares? That’s not his point in the video. And who needs to look up if Ronnie juiced. Are u kidding?? They ALL juice. Probably even Mike Ohearn. Just not as much. He’s trying to send a message to younger people saying that it’s not worth it. Because they’re never going to be Ronnie or any Olympia anyway. Only a small % of people will have a successful career in bodybuilding. He’s talking about HEALTH. How’s Ronnie’s health rt now? 6 back surgeries? I love Ronnie too, we all do. But the juice took him to a whole nother level of size and strength and all those years of consistently doing heavy deadlifts, squats, overhead shoulder presses etc have taken its toll.

    • Ryan Oldford yes and no. He’s certainly as strong as them, probably stronger. Not as big. I do believe he’s been on gear before too, but I’m not 100% and if he has, it’s not to the degree of a Piana, a heath or a Coleman. I would hate the fact too if him being a fake natty, but I still like his message to younger kids

    • Preston Murray that’s the problem he offers to do blood tests, but unless he’s does a blood test during his cycle or shortly after it’s gonna come back clean anyways.. if his last cycle was Feb and he takes a test in August of course he passes it and then claims to be natural lol

    • Darren Nomberg the thing is he’s talking about the “health effects” but whats going on with rich has nothing to do with steroid use.. the man has a history of illicit drug use including cocain and pills.. you know how much scientific effidance there actually is to support the theory that testosterone is unhealthy? How many people have died from health problems directly linked to steroid use? None because it’s media created fear mongering that began around the same time as the whole steroids in sports thing. Literally noone has died from steroid use. But they keep pumping out this “steroids kill” propaganda

    • I like how he said when he was 14 was 175 then by the time he turned 16 he was 240lbs ripped. I’m going to go ahead and roll my eyes at that one if he thinks anyone is going to believe he was natural.

  2. …. not one positive thing from comments?
    Wether or not his natty is the real deal he’s telling the truth and trying to reach the youth on not destroying your health for fame and everyone in here missing the whole point? Regardless of drugs its a lifetime dedication to keep the muscle.. you do not need steroids to look fit and muscular.

  3. O’Hare is a lying ass wipe
    When he says he don’t want steroids in the Super League and people that are using steroids he’s lying. They just signed Kai Greene they just signed Stan efferding. I’m not going to even get into this lying and denying to justify this b*******

  4. Man I’ve been looking for inspiration and just found it. It’s a hard road trying to get big and eat big. But would truly like to meet his guy. You coming to new Zealand any time soon for any expos? Mike O’hearn thanks for for good word. No steroids for life.

  5. well he things that the people who watch his video and more important his funs are stupid. i suggest no one buys his products or go to his kiosks because he is a lier who call his funs face face idiots!!

  6. As a 16 year old Mike was bigger than most men. He’s always been huge, always trained with some of the best. Vernon Davis put up huge numbers as an 18 year old straight out of college and could’ve easily done bodybuilding w the strength to back it up. What’s so bad about what Mike’s saying? It’s true. This was great message to the youth.

  7. What a joke! This guy is such a liar. I get trying to talk people (especially minors) out of using juice, but to blatantly lie and claim being natural? He is a disgrace. Just dodge the question when people ask like every other body builder rather than lying.

  8. Anyone who thinks Mike O’Hearn is natty needs to be dragged out into a field and shot in the skull. Until he passes a USADA test every month for a year, he needs to go away.

  9. You cam get as big as mile natirally hard to do but someone withgood superb genetics can so it. But getting that hard dry conditioned muscle is impossible only roids can male that happen.

    • Want to look good, it’s proven that looking good will increase your chances of sucess in business and life an general. People tend to show more respect and ask less questions when it’s a jacked guy rather than a fatty 🙂

  10. Stop making Mike O’Hearn the poster boy of “natural bodybuilding” I have never seen him in natural competitions.

    Mike go and have a show with Oprah and confess you’re a liar and move on like Lance. It’s doing more damage to the bodybuilding world then good.

  11. to be fair to this poor guy all the evidence suggests a suicide attempt, this is not related to his own personal choice to juice up!
    this is a mental health issue, i am sure we all wish the best for him, i dont personally think Mike should have suggested a connection between his so called frends juice use and a attempted suicide.

  12. I like the way He’s emphasisng Steroids but not His apparent addication to Growth Hormone !!! You cannot look like that without additional medical support !!!!! I been doing this for nearly 30 years and I’m 45 now and am very athletic and I am not close to this guy’s – Let’s be honest Amazing Body !!! He has to be using !

  13. Roids are a personal choice. Recreational drugs are a personal choice. Smoking drinking every weekend, taking Tylenol wen u have a headache are a personal choice. Your life your choice no one else’s business and no one can tell u what or what not to do. Just educate your self ppl.


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