Protein Supplements And A Rare Medical Condition Contributed To The Death Of Bikini Competitor

A rare medical condition urea cycle disorder meant Meegan Hefford could not process protein like most people.

Meegan Hefford

A diet of protein shakes and supplements has been found to have contributed to the death of a West Australian woman, sparking a warning from her family.

The family of t the female bodybuilder is blaming her death on an excessive intake of protein shakes. According to Yahoo 7, Meegan Hefford was found unconscious in her apartment in Western Australia on June 19 and was pronounced dead days later.

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Fitness model Meegan Hefford had been competing as a bodybuilder since 2014.

She had been preparing for an upcoming competition when she was found unconscious in her Mandurah apartment.

It wasn’t until her autopsy that it was discovered she had a rare genetic condition which meant too much protein wouldn’t break down properly in her body.

Urea Cycle Disorder affects one in 8000 people and causes a build up of ammonia in the blood and an accumulation of fluid in the brain.

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Her mother, Michelle White, told she had previously warned her daughter after she had complained about feeling lethargic and “weird.”

“I said to her, ‘I think you’re doing too much at the gym, calm down, slow it down,'” White recalled.

White says there was no way of knowing her daughter had the disorder.

“They don’t test for it routinely because it is such a rare condition. It says on all of the supplements to get medical advice, but how many young people actually do?” Ms. White said.

She wants to see protein supplements better regulated and hopes her daughter’s story can warn others.

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Chelsea Musgrave

Frankie Musgrave

Travis Drebenstedt

Karen Stout

Marcus Brown

This had nothing to do with the supplements and more to do with the rare condition. Powders are easier to digest vs actual food. Plus if the body cannot or does not digest something it turns into waste and fat?

JohnMelva Molina Perez

It wasn’t protein, it was a genetic disorder. Protein is safe…

Claudia George

Stop misleading about protein shakes… It was more like poor decisions, she looks malnourished. People need to take responsibility for their own actions!

Allan Farrell

Omfg! What nonsense ! Stop blaming supplements ive been taking protein powders for decades am i dead hell no ! Get your facts straight

Luis LuMax Gonzalez

Noel Jr Aviles

Nicole Rutigliano

so misleading BC that rare disorder is too much of any protein so she could’ve passed from eating whole food proteins too. has nothing to do w regulating protein shakes. while I feel bad for the family it was a shame but don’t look for someone to blame for just an unfortunate circumstance. I myself have a digestive disease its just a sad situation.

Lukino Gym


Samu Thomson

Rare condition not supps…RIP tho very sad to happen to such a young mother.

Alan Danny

I must be a ghost then

Ryan Koch

Amy Koch

Jesse Kessler

So I suppose her mother wants us to better regulate chicken and egg whites too? Godamn people are too stupid for their own good.

Mason Maynard

Not to sound cold, but the article is misleading…Nowhere are protein suppliments blamed….Rather simply, too much protein….

Damien Masters

I think it was the water and chicken breast…rolls eyes

Luke Williams

Hey someone died of eating peanuts, that had a condition that would kill them, if they ate peanuts. Better stay away from peanuts

Andy Boutsikakis

Didn’t read the story don’t car but anyone who thinks this weight class is okay is an idiot these girls look like shit just roll a sack of bones out there

Lee Pablo Dransfield

Wrong. Her undiagnosed medical condition led to her death. More awareness about her medical condition is needed, notmore scrutiny of safe sport supplements

Adam Lewis

this is why I don’t drink protein Travis Ludwig

JS Kundra

Utter bullshit. The rare condition she had is the main cause. Protein supplements are pretty safe. Then again you need to use your brain as they are supplements not diet. Whatever requiremnents you have most of it should come from food sources and then use supplements for post recovery as they are more convenient and fast absorbing when your body needs it most.

Daniel Carmody

Mark Peters

Mark Place

I’m on steroids all good here

Colton Lynch

Too much anal can kill you too o_O

Mike Lawrence

Maybe before people get into this they take the initiative to get their health checked first to make sure they can safely compete at the top of their own sport.

Paul Freak

Wow. Didn’t know protein supplements cause gene mutations that inhibit protein synthesis.
Food for thought.
*turns sarcasm font off*

Michael G Heller

How about listing having a disorder first instead of inducing panic about protein shakes?? Poor girl. My thoughts and condolences to everyone she touched in life.

Richard Guidry

Routine blood test during prep would have caught it.

Gregg Bartels

So sad

Ciaran Byrne

Protein from her diet like meat etc were equally to blame but I don’t see that in the headline

Adnan Se

Sanne Destan , Orhan Sport Arena

Jn Laas

Sorry bad news most common folk (she wasnt however) use way too much unlesd your killing it and diet deficient less is more

Joey Marano

…. “and a rare medical condition ” moving on

Jim Koryk


En Sabah Nur

A medical condition.
The warning here is pay attention to the “physician warning”

Alexander Nolasco

Alejandra Hernandez

Matthew Duryea

Generation Iron???

Tsvetan Takov

Read the actual article, for fuck’s sake. Don’t spread fear among people.

Ler Strohecker

Calls bikini competitor a bodybuilder wtf

Chris Clee

Such bullshit. It’s shit like this that my wife reads and then tries to preach to me that I’m gonna die from protein shakes. Fucking idiots.

Sameer Shahid

Ämnah Jamal here is the main reason

Jeremiah Martindale

Why has no one pointed out the ass grabbing in the background? lol. who cares what idiots say about supps.

Ahmad Iftikhar

Muhammad Bin Iftikhar Hazem Hamza sheikh Shaikh Ismail