Pradipkumar Singh: ‘I Am HIV Positive, So What?’ Mr. World Bronze Medal-Winning Indian Bodybuilder

Pradipkumar Singh

Meet Pradipkumar Singh, a bodybuilder from Manipur, India. Singh was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2000 and had come out publicly about his condition in 2007, soon after winning the Mr. Manipur title.

Pradipkumar Singh had won a bronze at the 2012 Mr. World contest in Bangkok.

Singh was drug addict during his younger years and contracted the virus from a shared needle and syringe.

Despite the early upheavals, Pradipkumar bounced back, using bodybuilding a a medium to reform and turn around his life.

He notably went on to win the Mr. South Asia title in 2012, before bagging a bronze in the Mr. World contest the same year.

Singh recently released his new book titled “I Am HIV-Positive, So What?” on his life raises new hopes among the HIV patients.

The book speaks of the incredible journey of the HIV-positive bodybuilder, who mended his failing health, overcame psychological trauma, and fought stigma and discrimination to pursue his dreams.

“His mission was to break the stereotype that an HIV person cannot be part of society. Even after his HIV status becoming public through the media, Singh remained undaunted in the face of all odds,”

“He was determined to excel in his chosen field despite warnings from doctors and adverse comments from the society,” the author of the book added.

Over the years, he has actively campaigned towards awareness of HIV AIDS.


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Francis Guevara

You can’t battle a virus through determination not at any clinically measurable level

Ravindran Sathiaseelan

Great body despite the virus

Kurt De Smet

Dombret Peter

Mathew Claut

That’s one focussed, motivated man.

Bertrand France

Francis Guevara, how about placebo effect?

Twin Kruger

Hes gona die anyway

Huck Mole


Peter Hutcheon

‘Battled the virus with sheer determination’, absolute bollocks! He battled it with medical science! Proper pisses me off when they say people survive these things with will power, they survived because of thousands of scientists researching cures and doctors and nurses hard work!

Baron Von Squiggles

“Sheer determination”? Nothing to do with anti retrovirals then?

Andrew Machado

People here complain about problems, look this guy, im not only talk about the virus im taking about the machines he traine, it so old and beat up.but he make happem with what he have, congrats and respect

Kevin Tan

Chew Beng Lin should show this to James ..

Shannon Lamp

So he didn’t take any meds (Dr ordered or homeopathy), used no medical advice, just worked out and beat the virus?? Really?!!? As much as I hate taking any kinda medicine, it doesn’t work that way.

Christopher Reynolds

Patrick Ford

Sasa Alcatel

HIV is one big fraud anyway.Respect for this guy.

Jason Curtis

He looks like he has aids.

Robin Riedel

Oxandrolon lead Him to victory

Zakaria Muhammad Ali

Bashiir Gorod Dahir ana ukedi huyu jamaa

Kenny Avila

Butt pirate

Ryan Hilgeman

Good job, keep fighting