Wonderful Trick To Take Your Physique To The Next Level

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A Trick To Shift Your Gains Into Sixth Gear!

Are you tired of joining a gym, giving everything you have, and missing gains? Everybody around you looks better, maybe use some substances, but you are still unsatisfied. In the end, some people even quit workouts because they are demoralized by the lack of results.

We are aware that many of you want to look like Hercules, and this is a very difficult task. You need to give up many things in your life for the wrath of perfect look… But now, we have only one supreme trick which may shift your gains into sixth gear in the split of a second!

Schedule – Your Ultimate Frenemy

Stick to the schedule – looks so simple!

A schedule is a very broad concept, but your gains are endangered if you change it over and over! Your body needs to get used to specific processes like hormonal excretion, rest, sleep, recovery, obligations…  It is easy to say you should stick to a routine, but doing it is sometimes harder than climbing Mount Everest!

Just like every other sport, bodybuilding requires brutal discipline, dedication, and consistency. When you lack at one parameter, you are probably doomed… There will be too many obstacles between you and your gains!

1. Sleep Regularly

When you cannot rest your body, results start to lack. Even bone tissue needs time to recover, and muscles require a lot more attention! Muscles are broken during high-intense workouts, and you have to allow them some time to heal and repair! Your brain needs to rest too.

The optimal number of sleeping hours is eight. You should go to the bed at the same time, if possible. This sounds like a super hard thing, especially when you are a teenager who wants to go out and hang up with his friends. Let the famous proverb motivate you – no pain, no gain!

2. Train Effectively

Enter and leave the gym every day at the same time. For example, your muscles will be shocked if you were training from 5 PM to 6 PM all the time, and you have suddenly came around 1 PM – your muscles probably won’t recover, and weights will be more harmful then beneficial.

Try to time your workout – it shouldn’t be longer than 45-60 minutes. HIIT workouts are a good example – maximize the effect of your training session! Shorter breaks, more intensity!

3. Eat On A Regular Basis

You must transform your nutrition if you want to look at least close to Mr. Olympia. Design nutrition plan with the proper amount of micronutrients and macronutrients. Take protein shakes when you want to build some muscle.

Eat 6-9 small meals. Time is also important – small meals will keep your metabolism faster and prevent fat storages from forming. The burnout effect is better, and energy production is easier. You should forget about two or three big meals.

4. Cheating Is Sometimes Required

Only robots never cheat. Human has feelings, soul, emotions. Cheating once per week is allowed – let your body relax sometimes. However, you need to know when to pull the handbrake! A cheat meal will add some highly necessary carbohydrates and fats.

Don’t forget your body needs to push more to digest your cheat meal. Cheat on a schedule – one cake or ice-cream won’t kill your gains. But stay away from cheating when you prepare for the competition.

Final Word

Gains are the ultimate goal of many bodybuilders, alongside Konan Barbarian look. You need to give in order to get. A good bodybuilder has to be dedicated to the schedule and forget about alcohol and other unhealthy habits. STEC – Sleep, Train, Eat, Cheat – put this info into your cerebellum. When you wake up in the middle of the night, make sure this is the first thing you will think of!

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