Big Ramy Is Looking Lean And Mean, Weeks Out From The Olympia

Big Ramy 2018

Big Ramy is looking better than ever.

Mr. Olympia competition showcases the best of the best all on one stage in hopes of proving who should be champion. In the Open Weight division, Phil Heath has had a tight stranglehold division for 7-years now. But many fans and experts were up in arms over the crowning of Phil Heath as Mr. Olympia for the seventh consecutive year. A lot of people thought Big Ramy should’ve won, and bodybuilding fans everywhere are eager to see what he brings to the stage this year.

Big Ramy has proven himself to be a fan favorite ever since coming onto the scene back in 2013 and after taking a close 2nd position in 2017 to the current champ, Phil Heath, the hype behind the 300 pound Big Ramy is real. While he may not have been able to topple Phil Heath in previous years, it’s becoming evident that he’s improving with every passing year.

Now as the 2018 Olympia fast approaches Big Ramy looks to have reached a whole new level with his physique. Weeks out from the 2018 Olympia, Ramy is putting his competition on notice and letting the world know just how hungry he is for victory.

In a recent post, Ramy wrote on Instagram:

“Your victory is just right around the corner, always do the best you can do, no matter what the given situation, no matter what comes up against you.

Never give up. Never surrender.”

All the hype behind the 300-pound, seriously shredded Big Ramy is real. Take a look!

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Your victory is just right around the corner. always do the best you can do, no matter what the given situation, no matter what comes up against you.never give up. Never surrender. . . النصر قريب جداً. دائما قدم أفضل مالديك، بغض النظر عن الوضع الذي انت فيه ، بغض النظر عمن يقف ضدك. لا تفقد الامل. لا تستسلم ابدا. . 🇩🇪:Der Sieg ist Dir sicher. Gib stets dein Bestes. Ganz egal, wie das Leben spielt und ganz egal was auch passieren mag- gib niemals auf! . . 🇹🇷:Zafer’in yakındır! Ne olursa olsun elinden geleni en iyi şekilde yap, sana engel olmalarına izin verme ve gerisini Allah’a bırak! Sakın pes etme! . . . 📸 🌍: @alweesy73 .🇹🇷🇩🇪 : @strong_hijabi . #RoadToOlympia #OnlineCoaching #self_confidence_not_arrogance #BigRamyWebSite #GatSport #Germany #in_sha_allah #BigRamy #BigRamyOfficial #BigRamyFacebook #Ryderwear #BigRamyTwitter #TeamBigRamy #BigRamyYoutube #TeamOxygen #TeamSchiek #Gorillawear #Arnoldclassic #Turkey #LoveMyFans #BodyBuilding #Olympia #Instagood #Love #TheFourthPyramid #بيج_رامي #بيج رامي #رامي #السبيعي #بيج

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What do you think of Big Ramy vs Phil Heath this year?

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