WATCH: Phil Heath’s Monster Building Leg Workout

Leg Day 101: Learn how to build massive legs from the Olympia champion Phil Heat

Phil Heath Leg WorkoutPhil Heath is a 7x Olympia champion and shows no sign of stopping. That’s because even when he’s a bit off – he still has an astounding physique that can’t be beaten. From head to toe, he is near perfect. And this includes his massive legs.

Phil Heath says he believes on a variety of exercises – that’s what it takes.

When I’m working legs, there’s pretty much no leg exercise I am not doing… I train quads and hamstrings in the same workout and I try to hit one part as hard as I hit the other, because the hams matter, too—especially in the side poses… And when I’m prioritizing legs, I will double down on them, training them twice a week, with each session lasting at least two hours.

“I can hardly walk when I’m done.”

Check out the following videos of his leg workouts:

Phil Heath: Warming up and some exercises

Barbell Deadlift & Seated Leg Curl

Leg Extension Exercise:


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