5 Exercises You Should Stop Going Super Heavy On In The Gym

Ego lifting is holding you back in the gym. A focus on perfect form and performing each rep with a full range of motion is exactly what you’ll need to get those all-important muscle gains!

Many newbies to bodybuilding start off with the right intentions when they begin their fitness journey in the gym. But, due to having a certain perception of what a bodybuilder is supposed to train like, beginners can often end up following bad advice. This usually results in little to no progress being made and they put themselves at a high risk of injury through a little thing called ego lifting.

Just in case you aren’t aware of what ego lifting is, then it’s essentially pushing too much weight without proper form. This is usually trying to impress friends, the opposite sex, or even more experienced lifters. It is something that is seen in the gym all too often – just look around you.

However, it can most definitely be said that ego lifting usually does more harm than good. You may think that it looks cool, but that really isn’t the case. By lifting an excessive amount of weight, you can often put yourself in a dangerous position. In turn, this means that you’ll be put at a greater risk of injury. Plus, if you fail to perform even one full rep, you won’t be making the most out of the exercise. This is why it is important to place emphasis on form. Otherwise, you won’t get the full benefit in terms of muscle building.

There are a few exercises in particular which people tend to lift heavy on, with each of them being potentially dangerous when they aren’t performed correctly. So, without any further ado, here they are!

Leg Press

Many people in the gym are seen lifting far too much weight on the leg press. You might just have witnessed this for yourself. This usually involves someone placing every single weight plate in the gym onto the rack – going on to perform just half a rep!

However, proper form is critical on this particular exercise. Otherwise, you’re holding yourself back from making the most out of the movement. Instead, you should be able to at least perform eight to 12 reps with a full range of motion. In the process, this ensures maximum muscle stimuli.



Big traps are something a lot of people aim to achieve, and one of the best exercises to achieve them is shrugs. However, going ultra-heavy on this particular move definitely isn’t the way forward.

You’ll need to focus on time under tension if you’re looking to achieve maximum muscle building benefits. To perform the move correctly, you should choose a challenging but manageable weight – raising your shoulders to your ears and holding for around 3-5 seconds at the top. It’s as simple as that!


Bent-Over Rows

Bent-Over rows are a great exercise for building a solid, well-rounded back. But, that’s only if you perform the movement correctly. All too often, ego-lifters attempt to shift far too much weight on this particular move, which means that they are sacrificing form and failing to obtain a full range of motion.

Rounding your back while of bouncing your body is something that you should avoid. Otherwise, you’ll be holding yourself back from optimal gains if you don’t perfect your form. You’ll also put yourself at risk of injury too.


Calf Raises

Whether it’s seated or standing calf raises, many people lift far too much weight on this particular exercise. In the process, they are failing to pay attention to the fact that a full range of motion is exactly what is needed to get optimal results.

To perform the move properly, you’ll need to be able to use a difficult yet manageable weight. If your calves aren’t feeling the burn by the end of the exercise, then you’re doing it wrong! Just make sure that you hold and squeeze at the top of the movement to ensure maximum muscle contraction.


Leg Extensions

It’s possible to build a huge amount of muscle in the quads region with this isolation exercise. But, only when the move is performed correctly! As with all of the other moves on this list, a full range of motion is exactly what is needed to make the most out of the exercise.

The technique of leg extensions is pretty straightforward to master. This means that even complete beginners can reap the rewards by incorporating the exercise in a lower-body routine. However, if your legs aren’t parallel with the ground with each rep, you’re pretty much robbing yourself of optimal muscle building benefits.



Just remember, it really isn’t how much weight you lift that will get results – it’s how you lift it. Perfect form is very important if you’re looking to make solid progress. Once you’ve mastered your form while training, you’ll be able to gradually increase the amount of weight that you lift each week. Soon enough, the results will soon follow.

As was mentioned earlier, ego lifting isn’t cool and it doesn’t impress anyone.  Nobody cares how much weight you’re lifting. If they do, they’re probably making the same mistakes you are in terms of poor weightlifting technique. Essentially, all you’re doing is putting yourself at risk of injury and making yourself look foolish in the process.

Of course, it is always a good idea to push yourself to reach new heights on your fitness journey. But, within reason, of course. Lifting a considerable amount of weight will challenge you to move a step closer to reaching your goals. It also ensures that you can do so in a safe manner.

Nobody said that you’re going to obtain your ideal physique overnight. It is something that takes time, hard work, and dedication. Take all of these aspects into consideration, and it will only be a matter of time before you begin to make solid progress in the gym.

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