BREAKING: “Big Ramy” The Newest Addition to Neil Hill’s Team Y3T

Has Big Ramy made the right decision to leave Oxygen Gym and train with Neil Hill? Opportunity may be slowly fading for a chance of an Olympia win…

Ever since Big Ramy came into the picture, many people truly believed he would dethrone Phil Heath and become the next Mr. Olympia. After all, he was a close second to Heath in 2017.

However, 2018 proved to be too out of reach for Big Ramy as he severely disappointed his fans and dropped four spots to sixth place in the Olympia final.

But according to recent news, Big Ramy has decided to join Neil “Yoda” Hill of team Y3T in an effort to make up for failed efforts.

Reports have recently circulated about Big Ramy moving back to Egypt and leaving Oxygen gym because of the criticism surrounding the decision to have Ramy walk on stage at 310 Pounds. There were even rumors he’d be working with Hany Rambod (Phil Heath’s coach).

Well, he did leave Oxygen Gym and his collaboration with Neil Hill should be the move he really needed to make a while ago.

Now, Neil Hill recently expressed how thrilled he was to have Big Ramy on his team in an Instagram post…

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I’m excited to officially announce that @big_ramy has now started working with me and joined #TeamY3T . What show we choose as our first show for 2019 has not yet been decided. For me it’s not about rushing the process, but a time to learn and figure out Ramy’s body. I want to make this Very clear. My relationship, friendship, commitment and loyalty is the very essence of me as a person. I will be prepping All my Athletes to try and Win every show they enter. One day I will have the likes of @william_bonac @big_ramy @flex_lewis & @blessing_awodibu All competing against each other. No-one will get more of my commitment, knowledge, time and belief, they will all share 100% of me, how they place will be down to the judges eyes and views. I love my work, but one of the most important things for me is the happiness and health of my Athletes. I don’t play god with there health. I want to personally Thank All my Amazing Athletes for always supporting me in everything I do. Love you guys loads. Let’s look forward to New challenges, New goals, New experiences and great things in 2019..

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Hill wrote in his post:

I will be prepping All my Athletes to try and Win every show they enter”.

His dedication to his athletes is a priority and it really shows through his comments…

“For me, it’s not about rushing the process, but a time to learn and figure out Ramy’s body”.

Let’s hope Big Ramy has made the right move (Likely the case) so he can get the best possible guidance, and come back to the Olympia in his best condition ever, as a result of working with “Hill” and team “YT3”.

Big Ramy still has a chance to prove himself but will it be too late? Well… competition has become fierce with a new champion (Shawn Rhoden) not to mention Phil may not be through with competition just yet. Roelly Winklaar was arguably good enough this year to take second (Some argued first) despite his third-place finish, and William Bonac will be gunning for a higher placing.

We can only wait and see how Big Ramy’s future in bodybuilding will unfold from this point on.

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