NITROSURGE Pre-Workout – An Intriguing Choice

Jacked Factory’s NitroSurge Pre-Workout Review

Jacked Factory has prepared this pre workout formula with several quality features to help you get active and to stay focused. But one intriguing part of Nitrosurge Pre-Workout comes from the use of Hordenine HCl.

Nitrosurge Pre-Workout is a supplement from Jacked Factory designed to help you get more energy for your workouts. But while the supplement promotes itself as being strong and powerful for your workout needs, you have to look closely at other points that make this compound so useful for your life. The supplement provides you with the extra focus and support you need for keeping your body healthy.

Important Features

You will find many useful ingredients in every serving of Nitrosurge. These include a few important essential and non-essential amino acids:

  • 2g citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is regularly converted into L-arginine, an amino acid that supports the production of nitric oxide. The nitric oxide then restores a healthy blood flow through your body, thus improving upon how your muscles can receive the oxygen they need.
  • 1.6g beta alanine helps to support the development of L-glycine and GABA. L-glycine is a vital amino acid necessary for helping you to recover after a workout. GABA is a necessary neurotransmitter in the brain which produces a natural caffeine-like response without the general risk associated with real caffeine.
  • 90mg L-theanine enhances the body’s sense of focus. You can use theanine to relax your muscles and keep them focused and concentrated during a workout.

There are many other helpful ingredients to take a note of as well:

  • 1.25g betaine anhydrous increases power within the body by reducing the production of homocysteine in the blood. By reducing this muscle neutralizing compound, it becomes easier for you to build upon your athletic performance.
  • 180mg caffeine anhydrous is added to help you stay active. The total amount is around the average amount you will find in other supplements.
  • 2.5mg BioPerine from the black pepper fruit extract is added to help the body absorb everything included.

One interesting point of Nitrosurge Pre-Workout is that this product includes 25mg Hordenine HCl. An alkaloid nootropic, Hordenine HCl is an adrenergic agent that helps nerve cells to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, two chemicals that improve upon blood flow to the muscles. The agent also triggers an elevated sense of focus, thus giving you extra control over your workout efforts.

Other Points

Easy to Prepare

You only need one scoop of Nitrosurge to help you get your workout ready. Add with 6 to 8 ounces of water about 30 to 40 minutes before a workout.

You can also use two servings or scoops with 12 to 16 ounces of water before your workout for better results. Be sure you avoid consuming more than two servings in a 24-hour period.

Stacking With Other Items

You can stack Nitrosurge Pre-Workout with various other products that Jacked Factory makes. The pre-workout formula can be stacked with Intrasurge for energy during a workout and Growth Surge for use after a workout. Be sure to review the instructions for each of those compounds when getting the products to work for you.

Flavoring Points

Nitrosurge Pre-Workout is made with a cherry limeade or watermelon flavor depending on what you prefer. The compound is easy to consume, but there are some artificial sweeteners and flavors included in the compound. Be aware of this as you plan your workout with this compound.

Price Point

You can get a 30-serving container of Nitrosurger Pre-Workout for $24.99. Seeing how this is around 80 cents per serving, this makes for a great bargain.

How It Compares

Nitrosurge Pre-Workout can be compared to many other pre-workout supplements, including Jym Pre Jym. This supplement contains more citrulline and adds creatine to a workout, although the amino acids included elsewhere are close to identical.

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged is another similar product that features creatine. This focuses more on branched chain amino acids for your workout needs though. Also, this does not include any artificial flavors.

Cellucor C4 Ripped has arginine and beta alanine, although those are not as prominent as what you might find in other supplements. In particular, Cellucor C4 Ripped focuses more on vitamins like C, B6, and B12 for helping to provide your body with the energy it requires for a workout.


  • Adds enough focus for the entire workout
  • Includes enough non-essential amino acids for your workout
  • Easy to afford


  • Not much citrulline or creatine
  • Contains artificial flavors

A Final Word

Nitrosurge Pre-Workout from Jacked Factory is an attractive product to use when you’re aiming to make your workouts run well. With Pre-Workout, you can get the added energy you need while also maintaining a sense of focus all around.

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  • Adds enough focus for the entire workout
  • Includes enough non-essential amino acids for your workout
  • Easy to afford


  • Not much citrulline or creatine
  • Contains artificial flavors

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