Strongman Eddie Hall Officially Retires

Eddie Hall Quits Strongman

Eddie Hall Quits Strongman

If you ever watched an Eddie Hall interview, you would have noticed that he often mentions three very specific goals he had in mind when he began his strongman career.  They were; 1. Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2. Win World’s Strongest Man and 3. Set a 500kg world record deadlift.

As of World’s Strongest Man ’17 competition, Eddie “The Beast” Hall has successfully fulfilled all three of his own goals. Even though he has made it quite clear after winning WSM contest that he has seen it all and done it all, he was still kinda playing with the idea of actively competing again. He won his 5th Britain’s Strongest Man title in a row and he competed in a Giants live event, however, he was also packing a lot of injuries with all these competitions and then right around the corner of Europe’s Strongest Man competition he had another very bizarre freak accident/injury which forced him out of competition. Eddie, being a very stubborn and proud man still decided to go for the log lift event at the ESM.

After that, he kinda decided to lay low, focus on his health, book and took over a more commentary role for the Strongman events. He started to slim down, focusing more on his overall health and a more manageable physique. But still, he was a bit tight-lipped about his Strongman future. Well, now he’s cleared the air.

Well, this sucks…now what? Even though he won’t be competing in Strongman again, this is not the last we’ve seen of The Beast. He’s been doing a lot of work for official strongman website and he has a charity boxing fight scheduled against fellow Strongman and rival, Robert Oberst for some time next year, which will no doubt produce a massive amount of hilarious trash talking between the two. If that wasn’t enough, lately his Instagram game has been pure fire!. From throwing a bot, of water at Brian Shaw at a Strongman seminar to tricking Martyn Ford, a bald 6’8” tattooed monster, into drinking his sweat.

Also, let’s not forget that Eddie has been toying with the idea of potentially joining Vince McMahon’s merry band of bandits in the WWE or maybe even going straight to Hollywood!

No matter what exactly does the future hold for Eddie Hall, he will no doubt put his crazy work ethics and dedication behind it and give it his all. Remember, he got to the point in his career where he is today, thanks to good old fashion hard work and daily grind.

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