Bodybuilding Competitors Chris Bumstead and Courtney King a Match Made in Fitness Heaven

Love comes in the most obvious of circumstances which seems to be the case between these two accomplished fitness competitors.

The fitness world is a “small” world after all… Classic Physique competitor Chris Bumstead and former Ms. Bikini Olympia Courtney King have apparently taken an interest in one another.

Chris Bumstead, a rising star from Canada who turned pro in 2016 has a promising future in the sport of bodybuilding and deservingly so. It’s no surprise he took an interest in the 2016 winner of the Bikini Olympia competition Courtney King.

While Bumstead continues to compete at a high level, he will have the support of King from the sidelines as she has previously announced her retirement from competition due to health issues.

However, being attached to Chris Bumstead will surely guarantee involvement in the sport in some way or another other…

Both Chris Bumstead and Courtney King let the world know they are officially a couple on some recent Instagram posts…

King commented on her Instagram post…

“By the looks of it… Canada stole my heart eh?”

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By the looks of it… Canada stole my heart eh?

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While Chris Bumstead made a comment of his own on Instagram…

“Hold onto those that make each day even just a little bit brighter”

A picture of the two (intimately close to each other) on Instagram seems to show the true love they’ve come to experience for each other. They obviously have a lot in common, so it’s no wonder they decided to become an official item.

It’s big news in the fitness industry when two big names join forces for good. We wish Chris Bumstead and Courtney King all the best in their new relationship and we hope to see much more of their involvement within the bodybuilding world.

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