Routine: Get Shredded And Burn That Fat

Give Your Metabolism That Needed Boost With This Amazing Cardiovascular Routine

Breaking news ladies: spending hours on the treadmill at a lack-lusted pace isn’t going to be the best method for burning those calories. Alternatively, you can try higher-intensity interval training; doing so will speed up your workouts and your metabolism.


Countless fitness literature, research and personal experience has proved that; high-intensity cardio training when compared to conventional cardio training has far greater fat loss results, less muscle breakdown and increased ‘resting-energy’ expenditure.

Food for thought: A high-intensity cardio exercise of twenty minutes can increase your VO2 max, boost your metabolism, burn more calories and preserve muscle tissue, all at the same time. Which is a lot different to the conventional slow cardio workouts, which may actually have a detrimental and negative effect on your physique; this is because in addition to using the fat as fuel it is also breaking down the muscle protein for energy use.

Time To Fix Up

The main key to interval training; is to do it correctly and use on certain days, usually no more than two-three times a week. They say variety is the spice of life; this same ethos should be carried out with High Intensity Interval Training. Try alternating the workouts you do: shorter workouts with higher intensity and longer workouts with less intensity. Ideally you never want to do the same workout twice in a row, this is to keep “tricking” your body and not allowing it to get used to a certain workout. The chart above can be adapted to any aerobic activity you do.

Try to begin each workout with a 5 minute warm-up, after which, increase the intensity of your workout in one of two ways: Increase the speed or the resistance of the workout for the allotted time, then reduce the intensity and have a short recovery. Once your workout has completed, which included; alternating work and recovery times for the allotted time. Then cool down and make sure to stretch properly.


The great thing with high intensity interval training is that, intervals aren’t exclusive to cardio machines; they can also be bike riding, jump rope, or laps around the track. Training in intervals will allow you to; push yourself harder and burn even more calories. It will also make you strive for more challengers and you will see yourself ditching the monotonous, boring, constant paced cardio training.


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