Testosterone: Increase Your Levels Of This Essential Muscle Building Hormone With These Top 10 Foods

Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the key ingredients to turning a man into an alpha. Testosterone hormone produced primarily by the testicles is often associated with the epitome of “manhood” although women have testosterone, too. It plays a large role in male sexuality, muscle mass, and hair growth, but also has some less “flashy,” albeit equally important, roles like maintaining bone density, levels of red blood cells and a sense of well-being.

Beginning around age 30, a man’s testosterone levels begin to decline and continue to do so as he ages. Also increased consumption of alcohol along with high-stress levels are the biggest known killer of testosterone in men. However, low t-levels are also down to what we don’t eat has a profound effect on high levels of estrogen.

Larrian Gillespie, MD, a prolific nutritionist and Author of The Gladiator Diet admits that “A surprising number of men even fit-looking men suffer from testosterone levels that are too low and estrogen levels that are too high.”

Stress, inactivity, and smoking can all lead to low T levels, but eating the wrong foods is testosterone’s No. 1 enemy.

If you are looking to improve your physique and your athletic performance besides, then boosting your testosterone levels is a must. But rather than use unnatural means, you could just as easily do things the natty way and increase your testosterone levels with natural foods.

By consuming the following 10 foods to boost your testosterone levels you can find a natural way to better strength and muscle gains in the gym and you’ll watch your sex drive increase a nice little bonus.

Here’s a list of 10 top testosterone boosting foods:

1) Oysters

What’s Inside: Protein, magnesium, lots of zinc

The Facts:

Along with increasing your physical endurance, oysters pack more zinc than almost any other food source just six gives you almost seven times the RDA and zinc plays a key role in muscle growth and testosterone levels.

How To Get It:

Eat a serving of oysters once a week, raw, cooked or canned but preferably not fried.


2) Beans

What’s Inside: Protein, fiber, zinc

The Facts:

Beans are indeed the magical fruit … but not for that reason. Beans pack a bigger shot of zinc than any other member of the veggie family; some (like baked beans) even rival the zinc content of red meat. Add that to a food that’s high in protein and fiber and low in fat, and you have a winning combo.

How To Get It:

Baked beans, lima beans, navy beans and kidney beans are all good choices. Canned versions are as nutritious as dry.


3) Poultry

What’s Inside: Protein and little fat

The Facts:

“High-protein diets have a positive impact on muscle mass and thus testosterone levels,” says John E. Morley, director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at St. Louis University. “And high fat seems to have the opposite effect.” So while chicken and turkey lack high zinc levels, their protein-to-fat ratios make them important to your diet.

How To Get It:

Roast or grill skinless, boneless portions of turkey or chicken several times a week. Or choose chicken meat balls and turkey cold cuts for lunch.

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Nice ?

Adam Douglas Williams

Geraint Masters

Dominik Katzenmayer

Which food “kills“ your T levels? Would be interesting to hear because i’m pretty sure that’s just bullshit

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Take enough steroids and it doesn’t matter