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LUCY Chew and Park Nicotine Gum Review — A Cleaner Alternative?

LUCY Chew and Park is an innovative oral nicotine product/gum that provides an alternative option to tobacco products. Keep reading for the full review of this product.
Matthew Magnante

Written by Matthew Magnante

Last Updated onOctober 28th, 2020

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You probably know someone who smokes, chews, or ingests tobacco via whatever method they prefer. You may be concerned about their long-term health and well-being, and it may seem like a habit that they may never be able to kick. How about yourself? Maybe you’re in the gym daily with physique goals, or you’re trying to improve your cardio and need your lungs in tip-top shape.

LUCY Chew and Park
LUCY Chew and Park

Consider the following information about tobacco, and I’d also like to share a little about my friend’s experience with nicotine.

What is Nicotine?

For those who don’t know what nicotine is, it’s a sedative/stimulant made from plants, including tobacco plants, but it’s also synthetically made. Therefore, it’s found in products such as cigarettes, dip, chewing tobacco, gum, e-cigs, etc.


Nicotine can cause feelings of relaxation but it can also stimulate adrenaline production, heighten the senses, and create feelings of pure pleasure.

But it’s also addictive and more often than not, results in dependency. Not to mention, nicotine products can cause adverse, long-term health effects, something that is well-known. But contrary to common belief, it’s not the nicotine itself that is so potentially detrimental to health, but rather the large number of other chemicals used in tobacco items.

Common health conditions from smoking tobacco, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, and even death are more likely from the abundance of chemicals in tobacco products (1).

In fact, cigarettes can contain more than 7,000 chemicals; factor in the amount of nicotine used in them and quickly it’s absorbed into the blood before entering the brain (just 10 seconds), and it’s a recipe for serious addiction.

According to an article published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, most people (roughly 70% in the US) want to quit smoking but only about 6 percent are successful, initially and within the span of the first year of trying. How come? The answer should be obvious by now; the addictive nature of nicotine (2).

As a result, going too long without a nicotine fix can cause withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, depression, cravings, disturbed sleep, irritability, and increased appetite to name the most common. The length of withdrawal symptoms can last days, weeks, or months depending on physiological factors like genetics mostly. 

Quitting tobacco products is a difficult road but with good support, cessation programs, FDA-approved replacement options, and the will to quit, it’s very possible.

Not to mention, a consistent exercise routine, having physique and health goals, meditating daily, and knowing how important your health is for longevity, also helps tremendously.

My Friend’s Experience With Nicotine

To continue on about my friend’s experience with nicotine, he’d smoke several cigarettes per day. And like many, he wanted to quit for the sake of his health but as previously mentioned, it’s freaking addicting. And without a real plan of action, it was fighting a lost battle, at least at first (quitting cold turkey isn’t for everyone).

But when he realized that the other ingredients in tobacco possessed more of the harmful effects, he could change his strategy. That’s where products such as LUCY Chew and Park nicotine comes in.

20% OFF

Chew and Park

Chew and Park

Chew and Park

Lucy's Chew and Park gum is a viable option for anyone looking to enjoy nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco. Use code VOLT for 20% off all their products.

LUCY Chew and Park

Lucy's Chew And Park Review
LUCY’s Chew And Park Review

LUCY is a company that was founded in 2016 after seeing a need for better nicotine products; so they created Chew and Park. What’s Chew and Park you ask? It’s an oral nicotine product that’s shaped and packaged like gum, with a gum-like texture, but you’re not supposed to chew it like a piece of gum.

Why not?

Because nicotine is absorbed through the mouth and if you chew it like regular gum, it won’t have time to absorb. So, essentially, you’d be swallowing all of the nicotine. This is the case with all nicotine gums.

Chew and Park is also a term used for the method of chewing nicotine gum.

How To Use Chew and Park

You’re supposed to chew it for 10-15 seconds, place it between your cheeks and gums, and repeat this every few minutes so that the nicotine can work its magic and you’ll be satisfied, hence the name, “chew and park”.

What does this mean for my friend or anyone else for that matter? It means that he/they can have nicotine, but at the same time feel good about it because they aren’t puffing away on tobacco products that dramatically increase health risk.

Note: Avoid beverages, especially acidic ones for several minutes before or after you chew the gum to allow for maximum absorption.

What makes LUCY Chew and Park different?

You’re probably wondering how Chew and Park stands out from the rest. It was formulated from the ground up by former smokers, to be a cleaner nicotine alternative, and to appeal to the newer generation of nicotine consumers, with an improved ingredient profile and attractive packaging.

LUCY Chew and Park
LUCY Chew and Park

Here’s their mission statement…

Lucy aims to support every adult smoker in their journey to eliminate combustible tobacco from their daily lives.

Our mission at Lucy is to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero, by creating a future where nicotine products can satisfy adult tobacco users without the harmful effects of tobacco. When we develop products, we stick to two important criteria–(1) avoiding the lungs as a vehicle for nicotine delivery, and (2) using pure nicotine rather than tobacco leaf. (1) is important because the lungs are an organ meant to exchange gases between the air and your bloodstream, not as a way to absorb and filter active chemicals from aerosols. (2) is important because tobacco leaf contains a large number of chemicals that are known carcinogens, and you don’t need to be exposed to those chemicals if all you want is nicotine.”

In other words, they put a lot of effort into crafting an innovative product like Chew and Park by improving the ingredients, flavors, texture, delivery system, and absorbability to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible.

Product details/ingredients

Here’s some information about the ingredients used in LUCY Chew and Park.

Chew and Park Ingredients
Chew and Park Ingredients


Each piece of Chew and Park gum contains 4 grams of pure, pharmaceutical grade nicotine that is purified from tobacco. This means that the pure nicotine was extracted from tobacco without any other part of the leaf.

They also use a nicotine resinate that maximizes the release of nicotine and its absorption through the mouth, providing a quick and satisfying effect. This is an improved delivery method that ensures over 90% of the nicotine is effectively absorbed and therefore, you’re getting the most out of each piece of gum.

They also utilize a buffering system to help improve absorption.

Additional ingredients

Additional ingredients in Chew and Park include gum base, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, acacia, carnauba wax, talc, food-grade sweeteners (maltitol, sorbitol, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, and saccharin), food-grade flavors, and food-grade colors.

Chew And Park

Yes, Chew and Park contains artificial sweeteners but according to the company, it was the only way to mask the “bite and harshness” of nicotine. The good news, these artificial sweeteners are approved for use by the FDA, especially in smaller amounts. So there’s nothing to worry about in that regard unless you just don’t like artificial sweeteners.

The same applies to Red dye #40 that is used in the cinnamon and pomegranate flavors. It’s unlikely to cause any harm especially being used in such small amounts.

Chew and Park gum does not contain unnecessary ingredients such as edible ink, hypromellose, magnesium oxide, polysorbate 80, or xylitol, and it’s vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and aspartame-free. Each piece of gum is coated with maltitol that is commonly used as a coat for gum products.

LUCY clearly set out to provide a cleaner, simpler product that includes what you want in a nicotine product but also what you didn’t know you needed.

It’s Discreet

I’ve said a lot about LUCY Chew and Park but there’s one very obvious advantage; which you could also say is the case with gum in general. It’s discreet, low-profile, and we’re referring to both the packaging and the fact that the gum is on your mouth the whole time. In situations where it’s not socially acceptable to blow tobacco smoke or spit, chewing gum is the better option by far. And, of course, you’re still experiencing the effects of nicotine.

But the packaging is discreet as well and might I add, sleek and visually appealing.

So whether you’re hitting the iron, going for a run, in the office, grocery store, traveling, or wherever you may frequent daily that prohibits smoking; Chew and Park is ideal in these situations.


LUCY offers three flavors: wintergreen, pomegranate, and cinnamon, or you can get the variety pack with all three flavors.

Chew and Park Taste
Chew and Park Taste

We had the opportunity to try all three and really liked the cinnamon which is a warm ceylon cinnamon with notes of ginger flavor, although they all taste great, to be honest. The pomegranate has acai fruit overtones, and the wintergreen does effectively taste like fresh peppermint with hints of citrus.

They really did put a lot of time into developing these delectable flavors that mask the strong nicotine taste rather well. Not to mention, they have other flavors coming out in the near future which is exciting.

Also, each piece of gum lasts roughly 30 minutes if you were wondering.


LUCY offers Chew and Park in 9-pack quantities, and there are ten pieces of gum per pack. So you’ll receive 90 pieces minimum. Then of course, if you want more, you can order 18 packs, 27 packs, etc.

As for pricing, they offer a monthly subscription option that allows you to save 12.5% per order. They also offer free shipping on all orders whether you’re subscribed or not. So, it’s definitely an affordable alternative.

20% OFF

Chew and Park

Chew and Park

Chew and Park

Lucy's Chew and Park gum is a viable option for anyone looking to enjoy nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco. Use code VOLT for 20% off all their products.

Who Should Use LUCY Chew and Park

LUCY Chew and Park was made for people who want a nicotine-only alternative to tobacco products. Nicotine gum is a popular option and LUCY offers an innovative product that appeals to a newer generation of tobacco users.

Whether you’re the average tobacco consumer, athlete who uses tobacco products, or someone who’s interested in a cleaner nicotine alternative, LUCY might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Chew and Park Verdict

LUCY Chew and Park is a viable smokeless nicotine option that is not only ideal for my friend’s situation, but it’s a product that I’d recommend to anyone looking for the same thing. To be able to enjoy your nicotine and get your fix without as much of the harmful effects of tobacco is appealing in itself, but when you combine that with innovation, the idea becomes a lot more appealing.

LUCY (the brand) appears to have come a long way ever since they first saw a need that led them to identify what they do and don’t like or want in a nicotine product, and they created one to provide a more satisfying experience overall.

Feel free to use our code: VOLT for 20% off all their products

Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Have any questions about LUCY Chew and Park or want to add something? Leave your comments below.

This article was written by Matthew Magnante, a Senior Writer for Fitness Volt. Matthew is passionate about writing fact-based articles and is always happy to answer any questions readers may have.

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Matthew Magnante by leaving a comment below.

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The Review

Chew and Park

8.9 Score

LUCY Chew and Park is a viable smokeless nicotine option that is not only ideal for my friend's situation, but it's a product that I'd recommend to anyone looking for the same thing. To be able to enjoy your nicotine and get your fix without as much of the harmful effects of tobacco is appealing in itself, but when you combine that with innovation, the idea becomes a lot more appealing.


  • Affordable
  • Discreet
  • Only contains nicotine (no other part of tobacco leaf)
  • Sugar-free & Gluten-free


  • Contains artificial sweeteners and food coloring
  • Limited flavor options

Review Breakdown

  • Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness
  • Pricing

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Matthew Magnante
Matthew Magnante
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