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Best Quality Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Belts Reviewed 2022

If you need a weightlifting belt we have options for you in several categories!

Matthew Magnante

Written by Matthew Magnante

Last Updated onDecember 30th, 2019

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A good weightlifting belt makes all the difference when it comes to protecting your torso and spine during your heavy lifting sessions. But, many people, unfortunately, go without one and this results in injuries; which can keep you sidelined and away of the gym for way too long…

Now, people also use a weightlifting belt in the hopes of improving performance but so far the evidence to support this is not conclusive. However, everyone will have a different experience based on their body type, training style, and quality of belt. (1)

But either way, choosing a good quality belt can save your butt (And your spine), and it’s important to weigh your options. Belts come in many shapes and sizes and we’ll help you choose the best for your body type, training goals, and budget…

So, we’ve put together a review of 10 top-notch belts but first, we’ll give an overview of the benefits, the different types of belts, and what to look for…

How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work?

Here’s a little science lesson!…

So, when we lift weights our intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) increases which stiffens the spine and improves stability. Our bodies do this naturally even without a belt and this process is necessary for protecting us against injury but it also allows us to perform the movement effectively. (1, 2)

So why do we need a belt?

Good question… you see, a weightlifting belt is a kind of like steroids in a way (We don’t advocate the use of steroids, it’s just an example).

A weightlifting belt actually increases the IAP beyond what your body can do naturally, therefore keeping the spine and back protected by compressing your core contents even when training with maximal resistance loads. (1, 2)

However, there is little evidence to suggest that a weightlifting belt allows you to lift heavier but at least it’s an effective training aid with significant benefits. (1)

When Should I Use a Weightlifting Belt?

It’s recommended to use a weightlifting belt at and above 80% of your one-rep max but using it for lighter training is not recommended.

Why not?

Well… your core muscles don’t need assistance all the time as this is detrimental to their development. A weak core is bad and a strong core is necessary for stabilization during everyday activities and training. (1)

So, refrain from a using a belt when you’re lifting lighter to moderate weight under 80% of your one-rep max.

Different Belt Materials

The different kinds of weightlifting belts all have a purpose depending on several factors like training goals, body type, desired comfort, and budget of course. You just have to experiment and see what works best for you, but we can do our best to guide you in making the right decision…

These are the common weightlifting belts/material:

Leather belts (Top/Full Grain Leather) are most commonly used by lifters who are training with maximal loads because the extra support of the rigid leather provides optimal protection. The leather is usually vegetable-tanned and this is a sign of great quality

Suede belts (Split Leather) are pretty rigid but they do not provide the same extent of support as a full-grain leather belt due to being cut from a softer part of an animal. But they are still pretty good for the average lifter.

Nylon/Velcro belts are pretty awesome because they are comfortable and you can actually move around in them for more active type training like CrossFit workouts. Since they fasten with velcro you want to make sure you’re getting a good quality product like the ones mentioned below for our best picks.

Strong nylon is very durable and resistant to wear, plus it provides great support for your torso.

What to Look For In a Good Belt

Belt size

10cm, or 4 inches is the standard for most common belt sizes since it sits comfortably in between your hip and rib bones. Women and smaller individuals may find a 3-inch belt to be more comfortable but it’s worth trying on different sizes for a good fit.

You want to get a belt the same size all around for equal support during your lifts.

Belt Thickness: 10mm or 13mm

For most lifters, a 10mm thick belt is all you need and nothing more. But some people may prefer the thicker 13mm belt but you should always try on a belt at a local sporting goods store to get an idea of the best size for you.

Belt buckles/lever/fastener

Leather belts generally come in three options for fastening/tightening your belt to your waist and they are…

  1. Single Prong
  2. Double Prong
  3. Lever

All three are great options; it just comes down to personal preference. There’s no possible advice we could give you because it’s a subjective thing for each individual. Try all three on and see which you like better!

Belt shapes

You’ll generally find three belt shapes which are contoured, cone, and cylinder.

  • Contoured – A contoured or tapered belt has extra width for additional back support but it tapers in the front for adequate abdomen support.
  • Cone – Tapered on the sides, wide on the back and front.
  • Cylinder – Same width through the whole belt which provides equal support.

Contoured and cylinder belts are the most commonly used. But the cone belts are not very popular, and you’ll seldom see anyone training with this type of belt.

Many weightlifters and powerlifters train with the contoured belt due to the sufficient back support it provides while also supporting the abdominals with the tapered belt width, but a cylinder belt is also a solid option for many lifters.

So… we recommend you find a good contoured or cylinder shaped lifting belt for optimal comfort, and functionality.

Best Weightlifting Belts of 2019…

Best Overall – Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

The Fire Team weightlifting belt was our best overall pick because the quality and price is just right! Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty for their belts and customer satisfaction is very high. The belt is a contoured design with 6-inch back support that tapers down to 3.5-4.5 inches on the front and sides.

The contoured belt is often preferred by powerlifters and weightlifters who need extra support for their heaviest lifts and the 6” padding does the job well.

The fabric is a blend of materials and the core is made from EVA (Very durable rubber-like material), also known as Neoprene, for long-lasting durability. Plus the heavy-duty roller buckles keep the belt fastened securely around your waist.

Now, Fire Team Fit is a small, veteran-owned company whose focus is on developing good quality fitness products. But their inspiration came from the fitness aspect of the Marine Corps and they support all servicemen though their mission of encouraging the importance of physical fitness.

The company donates $1 to the Raider foundation through each purchase to support marine vets and marine special operators during their transition to civilian life.

The quality of the belts speaks loudly about the company mission, and you can’t go wrong with one for any type of lifting.


  • 6” back support and 3.5” – 4.5” on sides and front.
  • Lightweight and flexible nylon, polyester, and cotton fabric with EVA (Neoprene) core
  • Hook and loop support strap
  • Heavy-duty roller buckle
  • Four sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt support abdominal and lower back. It has a lightweight contour design. Offers lifetime warranty.

Best for Beginners – Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather

Dark Iron Fitness

When you’re just starting out you want a strong and durable weightlifting belt, but at the same time, you may not want to shell out a lot of money. Well, the Dark Iron lifting belt is a perfect combination of quality and price (Value) so we thought it’d be good for beginners.

The belt is not as thick as most leather belts at just 5mm (.2 inches) in thickness, but the material (Buffalo hide leather) is made to allow you to flex and move during your lifts.

Now, buffalo hide leather is a softer, more flexible, and supple material so this eliminates a lot of the discomfort commonly felt with full-grain leather belts. The company even offers lifetime replacements if your belt fails, and this is too good to pass up.

The Dark Iron Fitness genuine leather belt is also IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) and USAPL (USA Powerlifting) approved.


  • 4” wide and 5mm thick
  • Buffalo hide leather
  • Heavy-duty double prong belt buckle
  • Available in five sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt is genuine leather, built to last. Deadlift or squat with over 600lbs without breaking. Doesn't dig into your sides or hips.

Best on a Budget – Harbinger 4” Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt

We chose this belt as our budget pick because money should never be an issue when it comes to training safely… and spending less shouldn’t mean you should be uncomfortable either. But that’s why Harbinger is a top brand because they understand there’s a market for affordable, quality products.

The Harbinger 4” nylon weightlifting belt comes with an extra-wide 3” support strap to protect your torso during your biggest lifts regardless of your training goals. The belt also tightens with a steel roller which allows you to get the perfect tightness and the heavy-duty nylon guarantees a secure, quality fit.

You can train hard and heavy with this belt and rest assured it will support you.


  • 4” width and 3” support strap
  • Heavy gauge steel roller
  • Four available sizes: S (24-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches)

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Harbinger 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt provides maximum support to the abdominal and lower back. It's Thick, flexible and heavy duty nylon web.

Best for CrossFit – WOD Active Sports Contoured Weightlifting Belt

Wod Active Weightlifting Belt

This quality weightlifting belt from WOD Active Sports is the perfect solution to CrossFit training because it’s not only very supportive but it’s extremely versatile for all types of lifting needs.

But it doesn’t have to just be for CrossFit training as anyone who trains can benefit from this awesome, contoured belt designed for maximum durability, comfort, and performance.


  • Width is 4.75 inches and tapers down to 4 inches
  • Contoured design
  • Adjustable w/velcro straps
  • Quality elasticized fabric material
  • Lightweight and padded for optimum comfort
  • Four available sizes: Small: 26″-30″ Medium: 30″-34″ Large: 34″-37″ Extra Large: 37″-41″

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

WOD Active Weightlifting Belt

WOD Active Weightlifting Belt is great for all kinds of lifting. Protect your back.

Best Bang For Your Buck – Harbinger 4” Nylon Weightlifting Belt

The Harbinger was our value pick but we think you also get the best bang for your buck with this great belt since the quality is outstanding for the price. It’s durable and made with good quality heavy-duty nylon, and strong support straps for maximum protection.


  • 4” width and 3” support strap
  • Heavy gauge steel roller
  • Four available sizes: S (24-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches)

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Price: $17-$19

Best for Weightlifting – RDX Lifting Belt

Rdx Weightlifting Belt

If you’re looking to benefit purely from your strength and power training sessions then it’s hard to look past the RDK 4″ leather weightlifting belt. It’s designed with the highest quality materials and you can rest assured, this belt can hold it’s own.

The belt is fitted with a steel lever clasp for ultra support and security plus suede lining to avoid any discomfort during your intense sessions. The stitching is industrial grade so no breaking or tearing.

If heavy lifting is your forte then you need the ultimate in quality and fit.


  • 4 inches wide, 10mm thick
  • 10 precision-spaced holes
  • Industrial quality stitching
  • Steel lever clasp closure technology
  • Chrome buckle
  • Oil-tanned Nubuck leather
  • Available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

RDX Weightlifting Belt

RDX Weightlifting Belt is Oil Tanned Nubuck Leather for Durability, great quality Stichting craft. Provide ample support and enhance posture.

Best for Women Harbinger 5″ Nylon Lifting Belt W/ Flexible Ultralight Foam Core

Harbinger Women's Weightlifting Belt

This ultra-light belt is designed specifically for women who are looking to benefit from a supportive, quality belt to assist with most types of lifting activities light or heavy.

The 5″ belt has a foam core and breathable material for comfort, plus the belt allows full for function and range of motion for all lifts. The belt also has a steel buckle to support a customized and secure fit. So, regardless of the activity, a quality option from Harbinger is also a good choice!


  • 5″ width
  • Foam core
  • Plush tricot breathable lining
  • Heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle
  • Three available sizes: X-Small (24-28 inches), Small (28-32 inches), and Medium (32-36 inches)

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Harbinger Women’s Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Women's Weightlifting Belt is ultra-flexible, has a foam core, provide ideal support.

Best for Men – ProFitness 4″ Genuine Leather Lifting Belt

Pro Fitness Belt

ProFitness 4″ weightlifting belt will ensure you maintain form and safety during your heaviest of lifts. It’s made from genuine, premium grade leather that is not only rigid but comfortable too. The material is non-slip, scratch and tear-resistant so it’ll last you a very long time.

But if simple, tough, and effective are what you’re after then this is your belt!


  • 4″ width
  • Premium grade leather material
  • Adjustable non-slip fit
  • Stretch and tear-resistant

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

ProFitness Genuine Leather 4 Inches

ProFitness Genuine Leather 4 Inches is Stretch and Tear Resistant has multiple waist sizes and unisex. Support lower back.

Other Great Lifting Belts

RitFit Weightlifting Belt

Ritfit Weight Lifting Belt

If you need a little more torso throughout the torso then this RitFit 6″ belt is an excellent option. The RiFit belt is more than just a weightlifting belt but it promotes safer mechanics as well. It has a waterproof foam core plus a hook and loop closure system for maximum comfort.


  • 6″ width
  • Waterproof foam core
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Brushed tricot lining and soft edges
  • Available in five sizes: S 22-29’’, M 30-36’’, L 37-43’’, XL 44-51’’, XXL 52–59’’

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

RitFit Weight Lifting Belt

RitFit Weight Lifting Belt reduces spinal flexion, Hand Washable with Air Dry, great for all kinds of training. 6inches wide waterproof foam core.

Harbinger Contoured Leather Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Weightlifting Belt


Here’s another awesome belt from Harbinger made from genuine leather. It’s contoured for fit with a dual prong steel roller buckle and has a foam interior plus suede lining. So, it’s a fantastic option for most stationary lifting situations.


  • 4″ width
  • Genuine leather and suede lining
  • Dual prong steel roller buckle
  • Contoured design
  • Double-stitched
  • Available in four sizes: S (23-29 inches), M (29-33 inches), L (33-37 inches), XL (37-42 inches)

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Harbinger Padded Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Padded Belt made with genuine leather. Offer great support for heavy-lifting. 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt provides core support and protects lower back.

Bear KompleX 4″ Weightlifting Belt

Bear Komplex

Bear Komplex belts are another great choice for every type of lifting. They’re a CrossFit sponsor and their belts are trusted by athletes for their top-notch quality.

Their 4″ belt has a rugged design but is lightweight and portable. It’s also adjustable and comes equipped with strong velcro straps and a steel roller buckle.

It doesn’t get much better than this lifting belt!


  • 4″ width
  • Adjustable and velcro straps
  • Steel roller buckle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large

Note: Be sure to properly measure your waist to get the accurate size and fit.

Best Price

Bear KompleX 4″ Weightlifting Belt

Bear KompleX 4" Weightlifting Belt great for all kinds of training. Lightweight and portable. provides maximum support to your lower back.

Final Thoughts

So whether you’re a serious powerlifter, weightlifter, or just an average gym-goer, there’s a weightlifting belt just for you.

But make sure you buy a quality option because your spine and back health is nothing to mess around with. If you’re always lifting max loads go with top-full-grain leather for maximum support, but if you’re a casual lifter, then suede or nylon will serve you well in your training endeavors…

We hope you found this list of weightlifting belts helpful and now it’s time to go out and try one for yourself!

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Matthew Magnante
Matthew Magnante
Matthew has had a passion for fitness since elementary school and continues to research and learn how to build muscle effectively through training and diet. He also loves to help others to achieve their fitness goals and spread the knowledge where needed. Matthew's other passions include learning about mindfulness, strolling through nature, and always working to improve overall.

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