MMA Fighter Donshay White Dies After Collapsing Post-fight

Donshay White

A heavyweight MMA fighter has died after collapsing following his first bout for more than a year.

Donshay White was competing in Hardrock MMA 90 in Kentucky where he lost in his clash against Ricky Muse.

Referee Gary Copeland stepped in to stop the fight two minutes 22 seconds into the second round after White failed to halt a number of heavy blows.

Donshay White, pictured here in an earlier Hardrock MMA show, collapsed and died after a recent fight

The 37-year-old was responsive in the immediate aftermath of the stoppage, but took a turn for the worse and required medical attention in the ring.

He made his own way backstage, but “collapsed and became unresponsive”, according to martial arts news-site Bluegrass MMA.

Donshay White suffered from exhaustion after being stopped at an MMA event in Kentucky (this still is a fight he had last year)

Donshay White has died aged 37, here he is in earlier MMA action

The last time White  stepped into the ring was in November of 2015 when he knocked out Joe Johnson Jr in the first round of the Hardrock MMA 76

After receiving CPR, he was transported to KentuckyOne Health Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital where he later died.

The cause of death is not known at this time.

It was his first fight back since November 2015, where he knocked out Joe Johnson Jnr in round one at Hardrock MMA 76.

White’s passing comes only a month after former MMA fighter Tim Hague died following a brutal knockout during a boxing fight.

Tim Hague, who once fought in UFC, died after being knocked out in a boxing match last month

Hague stepped in at short notice to take on Adam Braidwood at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton in June.

But in the second round, he was floored, with his head bouncing off the canvas. It was discovered he suffered a brain injury that he failed to recover from.

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