UPDATE: Dallas McCarver Apparently Choked On Food

WWE superstar Dana Brooke McCarver’s girlfriend told TMZ, the 26-year-old McCarver was found unconscious Monday evening by a friend at his home shortly after they spoke on the phone.

Dana says McCarver told her he was about to make dinner and the last thing he said to her was, “I love you. Goodbye.”

Dana Brooke says the cause of death is believed to be choking on food and she is being told there are no signs of foul play and it does not appear McCarver was trying to harm himself.

On Monday earlier McCarver had worked out in the gym and seemed to be doing just fine … no signs of any medical or health problem while hitting a chest press with 160 lbs dumbbells.

This video clip was posted 20 hours ago.

Brooke tells McCarver’s fans is to stay strong!!!  that’s what he would want.

Dallas McCarver was a highly talented, extremely respected, young bodybuilder.

Tribute Video

We at FitnessVolt.com sends our thoughts and prayers to the McCarver family, Dana Brooke, their friends, relatives and all the fans.

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Comments 619

  1. Nate Boonprohm. Ryan Heupel

  2. Avatar Elio Bon says:

    What a shame

    Terribly sorry to hear that

  3. This is bullshit i think not that his girlfriend give comment i think the is in shock

  4. Κλαιω απλααααα χαχαχαχαχαχαχα

  5. Wow that’s crazy

  6. Michael Vieberink

  7. Avatar Medo Nour says:

    That’s why I will always be proud to be a natrual and real bodybuilder, Rip in Dallas, God be with your family, very sad news.

  8. Avatar Medo Nour says:

    That’s why I will always be proud to be a natrual and real bodybuilder, Rip in Dallas, God be with your family, very sad news.

  9. Damn. What a stupid way to die. Bummer. He had a lot of potential.

  10. Does reporting the causes of death need exclamation marks?

  11. How do you die from just choking on food? Doesn’t make sense

  12. Rafic Nohra Naim Menhem

  13. Jordan Smith Owen Lewis

  14. Avatar Greg Owens says:

    Adam Thompson

  15. Jose Pablo Toscano Arevalo

  16. Nick Lenzy damn

  17. Avatar Dean Booth says:

    Lawrence Gunter Marcus Warner

  18. Anabel Cereceres

  19. RESPECT. ALL WE NEED TO SHOW NOW. SAD…VERY SAD. ( not a good time to maked sarcastic comments ) if anybody makes jokes now…he is just a stupid jerk

    • if anybody is chocking , he can just jump on his chest, on the floor, the air from the lungs will remove the food, pushing from inside out. We always have air left in the lungs

  20. Mohamad A. Ali !!!

  21. Jordan Smallwood

  22. Avatar Evan Rubin says:

    Josh Isserow

  23. RIP! Young man had potential!

  24. Philip Mvl Newton

    • I was in the gym when I heard this on RX muscle! So sad man :/ have you been keeping up with the Olympia ? I was looking forward to seeing him

    • Philip Mvl Newton I’m just so shock and not much this year mate he was definitely a future mr Olympia. How’s things with you mate hope your enjoying Paris

    • Definitely, he was a big inspiration! I just wanted to see him, big ramy and roelly on stage together, mass monsters!! Yeah man Paris is all good, starting a little bulk haha.. How about you, how’s life ? Saw your boxing pics, look good bro!

  25. Avatar Harsh Sahu says:

    Sagar Chavan

  26. Something we all take for granted. Damn this is sad! Rest In Peace “Big Country”

  27. Simo Benkirane

  28. Shit man what a way to go.

  29. Boy that news makes it worse to know that he died like that. I wish that someone was there for him to safe his life

  30. R.I.P Dallas McCARVER.

  31. Please people chew your food

  32. another one who can’t eat… what’s wrong with the BB dudes man?? Insane muscle goes with insane stupidity sometimes.

  33. Avatar Ricky Horn says:

    Wow Nichelle Corey

  34. Jonas Jørgensen

  35. Avatar Luis Lares says:

    Jose Ramirez

  36. Jessica Fijolek

  37. Milani Zepeda so sad hes just 26.

  38. Jonny for real?!!!!

  39. Jonathan Jessica Plunkett

  40. He died doing that he loved. Eating food

  41. Nelson Lobegeier

  42. “Choking on food”

  43. Rasmus Præstegaard Madsen

  44. For crying out loud. Y’all make sure to chew your food!!! It could happen to any of you!

  45. Terrible, terrible news

  46. Choking on tren I hate when that shit happens!! RIP bro

  47. Yannik Bergeron Nicolas Talbot Micheal Prince Bray Simon Lafleur

  48. Marwin Lwd goed kauwen

  49. Kenny O’malley Janna O’Malley

  50. Avatar Sam Sarvis says:

    Well it makes sense for them to try and blame something else instead of what alot of people will blame, drugs. If it came down to that it would hurt the Olympia possibly and the sport. This guy was up and coming what a shame 🙁

    • Dude ain’t gonna die at 26 from PEDs be real lol

    • Avatar Sam Sarvis says:

      I am being real and you’re off point.. Referring to diuretics and insulin which can get a pro into trouble if not done just right regardless of age. There’s other scenarios also but my point was most ignorant people will blame “drugs” and it can reflect negatively on the sport.

    • Avatar RG Bowen says:

      Yeah I am sure the coroner will cover up cause of death for the Olympia ???? gtfoh

  51. Brock Gunn Nohava

  52. God be with you Dallas, and condolences for your family and close friends .

  53. ‘Is believed to be’? Either he did or didn’t.

  54. Matthew Sexton Tom Golding??

  55. Derek Cain I dunno about this shit. It’s the first story so far

    • Avatar Derek Cain says:

      I know bro, pretty crazy and tragic if that’s what happened. Nearly happened to me a few years ago tho lol if my mum wasn’t there I don’t know what I would have done! Such a sad loss tho! He was a great dude

  56. ive read alot of comments already and surprised i havent heard the word tren……..either way…rest in peace brother.

  57. What’s the ME’s report??, does it corroborate what everyone is saying??.

  58. Reed Wetmore whaaaatttt!?

  59. I recommend cycle for ,muscle gain fat loose,cutting and Bulking base with steroids and HGH, hit me up if you are interested for details.

  60. Michael Kennedy

  61. Avatar Jesse Nava says:

    So young damn

  62. Amber Bouplon Driscoll

  63. Sorry for your loss

  64. Bullshit. Its the drugs. Taking wayy wayyy too much

  65. But he was posing on stage when this happened

  66. George Seton. Take it easy on them nuggets bro

  67. I have choked on food before…we take it for granted until it kills you…this is a sad day for bodybuilding

  68. That’s heartbreaking news. Thoughts and condolences to friends and family.

  69. Died doing what he loved

  70. Avatar Vic Mendez says:

    Wow never would’ve guessed that

  71. How does that not make sense? Idiot

  72. Colin van Weers Jurian Dng Yassin Omara gaan er wel veel de laatste tijd

  73. Joshua Willis

  74. Tim du hade fan rätt

  75. Sébastien Level Charest pas de sens !!!

  76. Chocking from Drugs….

  77. Darren Donaldson

  78. I agree with the guy that ssys he died for what he loved….fuck the rest….

  79. Sad … and shocking

  80. Avatar Tim Salie says:

    Imre Sahin Sander Schoonewelle

  81. Ben Broadhurst

  82. Food hahahahahaha, i love Dallas and respect him, so don’t make laugh at this moment.

  83. Scott Davidson he had so much potential!

  84. Samer Al Baghdady

  85. Highly doubt that.

  86. Soo sad a big loss may he Rest In Peace

  87. Tim Ketelaar wtf.. check dit dan

  88. Não fortaleceu os músculos da garganta..

  89. Choking on food ? James Woods mmmh not sure bout that, stupid if really the case

  90. Cady O’Reilly

  91. Wait what is this legit? Sounds like click bait fake news to me.

  92. Taylor Ashton BuddyandKristi Williams

  93. Another sad indication of the state of extreme bodybuilding.
    I am of the opinion that bodybuilding in this form is indeed unhealthy

  94. He died Omg!!!!

  95. Joshua Gonzalez

  96. Damn too sad. Was just starting to make a name for himself

  97. Spencer Whitehair

  98. Jonathan Currey idk if you saw this yet.

  99. Dikran Dikran aser bagase

  100. Maybe everyone should take a minute and find a CPR class so they won’t be helpless in this situation

  101. Said Pac fuking joking

  102. Holy crap that’s crazy, plus piana is still in coma …. hmm

  103. Medo Nour you self serving fucking bell end. His death is nothing to do with being ‘natural’
    using his death to blow smoke up your own arse, you low cunt.

  104. “WWE superstar Dana Brooke McCarver’s girlfriend told TMZ”

  105. He he bizde inandik yemek miş

  106. That’s is horrible !My wife saved my life twice from choking on food .It was bad .

  107. Corey Gainz Critell

  108. Thats bad…RIP dallas.

  109. Richie Aholelei

  110. Natural and professional dick sucker!!!

  111. Ben Brebner bro I had no idea,

  112. Francis Goulet

  113. Avatar Taha Aslam says:

    Rawaha Aslam

  114. One of the best up and coming BB… it’s a sad day to see a humble, talented and kind heart person pass away. Your will always be remembered #DallasMcCarver

  115. Izaac Wild Sam Richardson

  116. Wais Zamani Kavir Khan Javad Obehi

  117. Nate Marian not good !

  118. Was on his way to becoming an Olympian…**Shattered

  119. Michael Peña remember what that guy said probably had an insulin crash and tried to compensate for it by eating real quick and then passed out with the food in his mouth causing the airway constriction damn loved watching this dude train RIP !!

  120. Daniel G M Olsen

  121. Aaron Wallis-Smith

  122. Yogesh Salen Singh

  123. Avatar Kraig Oran says:

    Choked really really (extra high pitched) really

  124. Gwyn Warner oh no wtf

  125. There’s a message here for all the young bodybuilders out there injecting copius amounts of steroids and dangerous levels of insulin.

    Chew your food properly.

  126. Shannon Drivas

  127. He was choking on food but was able to tell her she loves her and goodbye. Hmmm right! RiP

  128. So sad to wake up to this news
    All the best to his family and friends and also josh,I’m sure he did everything he could of done

  129. Leo Smbat Levoni Daniel Assenholt Bræstrup det var rigtigt det jeg sagde, Fuck hvor synd

  130. Billy Lanigan!!

  131. Vergil A. Intino

  132. Was he trying to eat a whole chicken without being chopped

  133. Avatar Cxl Chan says:

    Edmund Chong

  134. Just be happy for what you got don’t be greedy. It’s looked stupid the excuse he choked on foods….???? Really …..??? I prefer natural body builder. I feel sorry for him and their family it’s a personal decision but hey is that worth it..?? Just b yourself don’t b like some other peoples and their legacy. America they fucked up the industry( healthy & fitness ) in a first place and all follower they gonna fucked tup. How peoples they can trust them with fucking secret behind the scene..?? They said is a hard work bullshit they hardworking on the steroids is just a pussy to b honest. Hope this thing here happened to Learned the young generation from it and the lazy young peoples out there . Condolences to you mate and your family RIP. You were admired me when you here in NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA BUT WE HAVE TO BE TRUE N TELL THE TRUE STORY TO THE PEOPLES OUT THERE PEACE SALUTE ✌️✌️

  135. Cover up story

  136. Alex Cayer Paradis David Vallières

  137. Nicholas West Jarryd Kinerson Smith Ryan Crowley

  138. Charles Dean Aaron O’Brien

  139. he is young and good competitor

  140. Hazards of dry chicken breast

  141. Austin J Sansom

  142. Krystal Kennedy

  143. Is this for real?

  144. Daniel Mićić

  145. Andreas Ang somethings goin on with the industry man poor dallas

  146. Avatar Ryan Kelly says:

    Amir Ali Lahooti Justin Thomas Kelly

  147. Poor guy it’s tragic what happened to him gone to soon my condolences to his partner his family and friends

  148. Avatar Paul Freak says:

    *swole bloke walks up to the Pearly Gates, St Peter looks at his list*
    “Dallas McCarver? Let me guess, steroid related death?”
    “Nah bro, choked to death on a chicken breast”

  149. Avatar Marv Noya says:

    Jay Dee damnn

  150. Avatar Daryl Ng says:

    Amin Abdul Rahman sad af

  151. RIP. But how do you say “I love you goodbye” if you’re choking?

  152. Es algo muy triste por q esperabamos con ancias verlo en el mr olimpia este año ya q estaba en un gran nivel de competancia…. todabia no lo puedo creer

  153. Ooo my god .. choked .. sad very sad .. unbelievable .. great guy

  154. Jimmy Lim haha

  155. Avatar XMykz Delz says:




  156. Avatar Imer Lajqi says:

    Berat M. Berisha

  157. AII Anthony Githinji TENA

  158. 160 lbs dumble press?? And he was choking in his food?? Not because of steroid use

  159. Sad to hear this , he was on course to be one of the greats I hoped

  160. Hasnan Zarif Sami Turjo Riaz Khan Zebran Hossain Navid na khailey body hoibo kemnay!?

  161. Satish Bro this is on repeat !

  162. Bet he overdosed on insulin

  163. Is sad I really have like him was a hard one but well too much Chicken breast can’t be good…

  164. Avatar Yuli Okami says:

    Next time a bodybuilder dies they are going to say …. oh he slipped on a banana peel and died
    The excuses / cover ups keep getting more ridiculous each time