Supplement Review: Crazy for Craze

If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement, then I can highly recommend Craze. A lot of pre-workout supplements can leave you feeling acidic and bloated with very little noticeable benefits, but only 20 minutes after taking Craze, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.
There are obviously a few draw backs to the supplement but I believe the benefits outweigh them greatly, making this a fantastic investment to any workout routine or cardio exercise.

Taste test

A lot of pre-workout supplements taste just horrible, but Craze has a nice range of flavours to choose from. The grape flavour is infamously bad, but berry lemonade isn’t just nice for a pre-workout – it’s actually a really nice flavour which you’ll look forward to drinking.

Meanwhile the mixing is pretty good as there is no noticeable powder left at the bottom of the bottle! As a pre-workout drink this is pretty pleasant to consume so you shouldn’t dread it at the start of every workout.

Effect and experience

There’s a reason this supplement is so highly praised; it truly is one of the best workout supplements on the market. Your workout will never be the same again after trying this, and your body will thank you for it as well!
The supplement gives you the kind of energy and focus you simply cannot achieve with caffeine or another supplement of this nature. There’s no feeling like it!

Where once I might have been tired after 30-40 minutes in the gym, I’ve gone for hours using Craze. The focus you achieve about 25 minutes after taking it is very intense and can leave you unable to focus on anything other than the task in hand – amazing when you have that time to spare!

A lot of people describe it as ‘tunnel-vision’, and I can certainly relate to that – you literally can’t think about anything other than the workout!

If you’re looking to really push yourself whilst lifting, this supplement will help you smash through all your previous records by far. Meanwhile, the effect for a cardio workout is a nice, simple energy which will help you keep feeling comfortable as you run.

Would I recommend?

I’ve recommended this supplement to everyone I’ve talked to, and I’m doing the same now! The only drawback of Craze is that it’s not really suitable for a late-night workout as it will keep you up for a couple of hours!

Where to buy

I bought Craze from Predator Nutrition for under £35 – I’m going to order this powder again next month!


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