Strongman Terry Hollands Achieves Incredible Body Transformation, For Bodybuilding Show!

Strongman Terry Hollands has transformed his body in epic fashion and may take his newly sculpted physique out for a foray into the sports of bodybuilding. In a recent post on his official Instagram

“So if I can get the dates to fall right next year I think I’ll get on stage at some point. Me and @kateerringtonbikini were talking today about doing a sport swap for a challenge so shed be doing an under 63kg strong woman comp and id do a bb show. Could be fun”

Hollands is a veteran strongman, having participated in the World’s Strongest Man 11-times and making to the podium twice with two 3rd-place finishes.

Last year, legendary strongman Zydrunas Savickas aka ‘Biz Z’ shredded away his massive belly in a single off-season.

Zydrunas Savickas

Big Z’s muscles were so massive, however, he started appearing cut at – what was for him – the low weight of 342lbs.

Now, in another amazing transformation, Terry Hollands has whittled his frame down past Big Z’s mark.

If Terry Hollands takes the stage, he could easily be called the strongest athlete in bodybuilding with 6’6”, 340lbs.

Progress still being made. 154kg. Been a tough day as been moving in New house but still got the work in.

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The current Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath stands 5’9”, ~252 lbs and the most massive man in the bodybuilding world Big Ramy, is 5’10”, ~295lbs.

Judging from this side-by-side picture Hollands has been working hard to shift to a more aesthetically appealing physique. Hard to believe it’s the same guy. Just goes to show how determined Hollands was to shed a lot of fat and completely transform his body into a sculpted masterpiece.

Check some of his recent Instagram posts, as Hollands revealed himself to be lean at 6’6”, 340lbs.

Enjoying the day at the dead sea with @shawstrength and @vytautas.lalas

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Both me and @akosnagystrongman have been on a health kick lately. Both about 30kg down and feeling better @Regranned from @akosnagystrongman – Fontos, hogy érezd magad jól bőrödben. Attól mert strongman versenyző vagy, nem kell feltétlen úgy kinézned mint akin rajta maradt a farsangi malacjelmez.. 😉 7 ève versenyeztem együtt először Terry Hollands baràtommal, akinél kevés profibb, pozitív hozzáállású erősember versenyzőt ismerek. Most 35 kiló feleslegtől szabadult meg, én 33 kilóval vagyok most kevesebb, mint a valaha volt legtöbb. 😉 #thinklikeapro #trainlikeapro #liftlikeapro #strongerthanever #strongmanchampionsleague #WTCJordan #strongmanlife #becomemore #changethings #changelife #biotechusahungary #hungarianstrongman #hungarianlegends #viwavitaminvíz – #regrann

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