WATCH: Dallas McCarver’s Last Guest Posing with 16-year-old Wonderkid Manny Drexler

Manny Drexler

Every once in a while you see videos or photos of strong teens, some with six packs or curling heavy dumbbells. Many people feel a confused mix of shock, awe, and concerned if the kid should be training so hard at such a young age. But some kids just have it in their blood. They want to lift. They need to lift. They want to be strong.

Meet Manny Drexler, the 16 years old strong and ripped wonderkid!

To have someone like @this_is_bodybuilding to say such kind and inspiring words means the world to someone like myself. I can't thank Michael enough for doing this for me and motivating me to pursue my passion. #Repost @this_is_bodybuilding (@get_repost) ・・・ Remember this name: @mannydrexler. Actually you may have already memorized it as he made some noise last month at the NPC Brew City in Waukesha, Wisconsin when he was invited out to join the special guest poser of the night, @dallasmccarver! Manny is just 16 years old and 5'0" and about 112 pounds…but don't mess with him…he's excelled in amateur wrestling since the age of 4 and wrestles practically all year long. This June he made his NPC Classic Physique debut, and as you can see, the guy was absolutely SHREDDED!!! That's one of the craziest Christmas trees I've ever seen! Brings to mind guys like @officialsamirbannout, @berrydemey and @thedorianyates!!! When he joined the 6'2", 400 pound Dallas (ok…not 400, but must be over 325!) for a posedown they practically brought the house down! Manny is deeply passionate about the sport of Bodybuilding. His wrestler's mindset serves his very well. He has told me, "I'm young, but I know this is my purpose!" To be this driven and GOOD at the age of 16…it's a marvelous thing to behold! And I'm sure there are many marvelous things in Manny Drexler's very bright future! #MannyDrexler #ClassicPhysique #ClassicBodybuilding #Bodybuilding #Bodybuilder #BeTheBiggerPerson #THISISBODYBUILDING

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Dallas McCarver’s Last Guest Posing with Manny Drexler:

Check out the following video shows a compilation of Drexler’s impressive physique.

In coming years we surely see him compete with the Big Boys…

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